Fitbit One: fitness tracker for your sports performance

Sport RiShooty August 7, 2016 0 1
The Fitbit One is a fitness tracker that can help to keep your sports performance. The tracker can help you lose weight but also improve eg your time while running. You can also keep track of exactly how active you really been what you all exactly the FitBit One and why is it so ?? s useful gadget?

What is FitBit?

FitBit is a company founded in 2007. It has already developed several fitness trackers, which can help people to improve athletic performance. Fitness trackers FitBit are all over the world a great success and offer exactly what the athlete wants.

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is a fitness tracker which actually consists of a small rectangular device. It's a tiny tracker, you can stop very easily in your pocket. Also included is a clip on it, which you can, for example clips on your bra or waistband. Included is also a wrist strap, where you can stop in the FitBit One. How the device also helps you: he can always measure how active you are. Please note that you can get rid of him if he is loose in your pocket.


One of the functions on the Fitbit One is the pedometer. You can see this exactly how many steps you've put that day. During the day you can repeatedly check how much you've been walking. Nice is that you can measure how high you've gone. Are you contracted for example stairs, you can also see this. Handy for example when you go hiking in the mountains.

Sleep Meter

The Fitbit One can also track how you ?? asleep at night. Be the meter do in the wrist and the next day you see exactly when you were awake and slept fitfully. This will give you a good idea of ​​the number of hours you slept. Except a sleeping meter, you can also set an alarm clock function on the FitBit One. This vibrates at the set time and thus you are awake and calm environment you can continue to sleep.

Link to the website and the app

FitBit has a website where you can sign especially when you have a FitBit. It is possible to watch a lot more data there. How high is the percentage of activities in one day? Where can still find improvements? FitBit also has its own app, where you can enter additional data, such as your diet. Like that app is not it? Then there are a lot of other apps that can be linked to the FitBit One. Consider for example Endomondo, MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal.

Other specifications of the FitBit One

The Fitbit One also includes a clock, so you can easily read the time. Also, the FitBit One splash resistant. This means that the fine against splashing water and sweat can, but you can not take it when you go for example showering or ghosting. The Fitbit One has no heart rate monitor.

Can you lose weight with it?

Is it possible to lose weight with the FitBit One? Yes! The pedometer and the associated app to work incredibly motivating. You want to improve your records. Because you can watch all day at the data, you'll stay well informed. Lose weight you obviously still have to do yourself, but the FitBit One may certainly lend a hand you. When you can keep up with your activities and today live very healthy, you can certainly kilo ?? s lose with this handy gadget!