Flirting on Facebook: do's and don'ts

Electronic Kandos July 25, 2016 0 13
There is a lot off flirtation on Facebook without which we often have. Like someone, poke someone or not return? These are all questions that arise when you use the new social media today. To make it easy we give the do's and don'ts of flirting on Facebook. What should you do to make a love connection 'on Facebook? In this article you will find the answer. Dating sites are not the only place on the internet where you can meet a potential new lover. Also through social media is a lot off flirtation. But how does this now flirting in his work, and what should you do, and perhaps more importantly, what should you do?

Send a friend request only to people you know

On Facebook, people tend to get people who do not already have in real life seen not accept when this person add them on Facebook. If you do decide to add someone you do not know very well, add a personal message to your friend request to someone clearly where each of you know or could know. Say where you met each other, say you have a mutual friend or say for example that the person came to you friend suggestions into view.

Rate responses to some, but not all of his or her updates and photos

You do not give someone the impression that you are desperate each message to read what someone post on his wall. You should also make sure that you're not always the first person who responds to a message or photo. This is bad and pushy about it. When you do so, a possible side effect that friends, family and colleagues of the person you love about this notice and start asking questions about your dream partner. This should not you want because this will only make it harder. Your dream partner can go make them feel uncomfortable.

Keep your responses short messages, nice and appropriate for the situation

A whole book writing under a status update is not a good idea. A sentence or two is fine. Look closely at how other people react to his or her status updates. And then also look at how your dream date reacts to these reactions. This is to get an idea of ​​what is appropriate for the situation in the social circle of the person you have in mind. One person attaches value to have a simple and professional Facebook page, others do not mind, as friends become personal. Keep in mind that respond to status updates deal with just chat in everyday life. Keep it real to know each work for private messaging and chat.

Work on your own profile

If your profile looks sloppy and you have few friends, then someone will not get a good picture of you. Make sure you have an active page which shows that you are loved and active. This will reduce the chances of being seen as a stalker or spammer.

Use good language

If you respond to status updates from someone that you like, or try to use a proper syntax. Misspellings are also something to watch out for. Nobody likes spelling errors.

Know when you have to pull back

If the person you have in mind is responding to others and not to you then that's probably because they're not interested. Let that person alone.

Bring flirting offline

If you are really interested in someone with whom you already have contact via Facebook, try to see if you flirting can get to the real world. This you can do by when you're with friends what is going to do to create an event and the person with whom you have been contacted to join that. Maybe he or she goes in there. It helps if there is a mutual friend was also present at the event where you invite someone. Another way is to take photos and post messages on your wall about where you are going and what you're doing. If the one you have a crush on then responds with "Well, that looks amazing 'give an answer along the lines of:" It is indeed very cool, you should go the next time. " If they then react positively to this you can send him or her a private message to ask their number or giving yours.