Floating algae fight with a UVC lamp

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Floating algae can cause a pond can be completely green. The unicellular algae are so small that they are not true take in order, unfortunately the algae can jointly ensure that the fish are no longer visible and the lake looks like pea soup. UV-filters can make sure that the floating algae are irradiated and the green color from the water disappears. For this purpose, it is important that there is a UV-lamp used with the correct wattage.

Operation of a UV filter

The operation of a UVC filter is easy to understand. A pond pump ensures that accompanied the pond water through the UVC lamp. The lamp, which the pond water is irradiated with ultra violet light causes algae to challenge. The floating algae are unicellular algae, which are damaged by the light. Outside floating algae, also UV light ensures that other single-celled organisms are irradiates. Think for example of organisms which are present in the pond water, such as bacteria. This relates both to the good bacteria, the bacteria that purify the water, and bad bacteria. The UV lamp ensures that it is made more sterile water in the pond.

Disadvantages of UVC lamps

UV lamps ensure that the water is nice and clear and the fish in the pond are again visible. This is of course in the art, however, it is so that the UV lamp does not remove the underlying cause for the development of the green water. The waste materials which are present in the pond on which grows zweefalg, will remain in the pond.
This can ensure that the growth of algae is enhanced. After growing algae faster and easier when there is strong sunlight, the brightness of the water plays an important role in this. In addition, the earlier presence of algae caused many nutrients were included, these now remain and will be used by algae.
As already indicated, UV light causes that the water is more sterile, the lamp kill single-cell organisms. Not only therefore the wrong bacteria and the floating algae, as well as the bacteria which are required to purify the water. It is therefore important to ensure a proper ratio UV lamp, the water may be too sterile when an excessive UV light is applied.

How many must be a Watt UVC-unit?

In order to obtain a clear and holding pond, it should be determined to be the more powerful must be the UV-lamp. The strength of the lamp depends on a number of different factors, including the fish load and size of the pond. As a rule of thumb for normal pond with normal fish stock has a UV lamp with 2 to 3 watts per 1000 liters of pond water should be used. For ponds with a harsh occupation, such as koi ponds, serves 4 watts per 1000 liters of pond water should be used. When the pond is heavily occupied and also the whole day in the sun, should be 5 Watts per 1000 liters of pond water should be used.

Maintaining UVC units

A UV filter needs little maintenance to be performed. In most lakes have only a few times a year to be looked at. It is important to check the operation of the UV lamp is OK. In most units is a small peephole present in the dark is clearly visible in this way, or the blue light still shines. Outside the control of the operation of the lamp, the dirt or scale once or twice a year should be removed. Finally it should be taken into account that a standard UV lamp has an effectiveness of about 8000 to become 9000 hours, below the UV lamp needs replacing. Note that UV light is harmful to skin and eyes, it is not intended to perform maintenance while the lamp is on.