Fog in the summer months

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It's summer and it's a bit foggy morning ??, still defends the sun. The meadows, above the ditch and it seems as if the cows have no legs. As soon as the sun rises, the mist colored by the sun. Beautiful color of the sun. Gorgeous orange and dark orange and the fog as low to the ground, moves slightly. The fog is just not long before everyone wakes up, the fog is gone and it is a beautiful day summer day.

What is missing

Mist occurs when the air cools the ground. When the water vapor has the same temperature as the temperature of dew, these will start to condense and depends mist. The dew point is that when the temperature of the water vapor, and the vapor pressure is the same and that condensation occurs. Creates fog. In the summer and warm in the mist at sunrise will usually resolve quickly.

Condensation Kern

To be necessary to form fog condensation nuclei. These are solid or liquid particles in the air which the water droplets are adhered to so that small droplets form. Condensation nuclei as tiny dust particles floating in the air like sand, pollen, salt, soot or ash.


The wind is also an important factor. For fog formation is a little bit of wind needed. Shining in the summer sun in the early morning, the fog will quickly resolve.

Ground Fog

Is a much ground fog arising summer mist, which is formed at ground level.
Low, very low, the mist hang close to the ground. Over meadows, ditches and sometimes drive up the road. Often the ground fog was very quickly solved by the force of the summer sun ?? morning rises. It is and remains dangerous driving, but especially during sunrise and sunset, it is so spectacular to see. There are several names for: cow legs missing, ditch and canal fog, radiation fog, and fog banks.

Cows Feet Fog

At low ground fog, we sometimes speak of cow legs ?? ?? fog, or "fog at clump level ?? and ?? ?? fog at tree-top. Especially by a woman again this observation ?? cow legs missing ?? calls and viewers who also want to use this word. The layer of ground fog leaves the legs of cows and sheep disappear. The cow stands with its legs in the ground fog, and it looks like they have no legs. The trees do not only stem and leaf crowns. Especially in the summer, this is the early morning.

Fog bank

The most common fog is radiation fog. In the summer to see, emerge before the sun comes up. The heat from the ground radiates upwards towards the sky and the ground cools. The two layers of air mix with each other, just above the ground. The cooling starts at the bottom in the air and goes Slightly further up. When the dew point is reached, creates mist. There should not be too much wind to form fog. The air stays close to the surface and will not rise above eye level. Usually in this fog in the spring or in autumn, but also sometimes in the summer. We see this happen especially on a clear night. The fog is thick, firm and not high and prevents further expansion of fog formation. A bank of fog and the sun shining, the fog is gone again soon.

White Weird Sisters

Fog that moves! Slowly pull it on through the gentle breeze. Ghostly, mysterious and often only just a piece of a meadow. White called Weird Sisters. White Weird Sisters of the stories are particularly associated with eastern and northern Netherlands, and belonging to famous Dutch mythical creatures. Tradition has it that glider-like transparent white women previously traded there in forests and heath. A bank of fog, mist or wisp of fog caused by fog ?? evening, is thin and is changed by the wind of place. A moving fog that were once thought they were supernatural beings.

Ditch and canal water mist

The fog is dancing as it were on the water, on an early morning in the summer. The water in the summer is not cold. Even warmer than the air ?? overnight. The evaporating water makes the water lying above the air colder. On ditches, brooks, seawater, rivers and the top water channel, the water vapor goes to the water, condense and fog occurs on it. Cold air is heavier and sinks down to the water. Shreds of mist floating above the water. When warm air over the colder sea going to the same thing happens.

Sea fog

Sea fog occurs at sea. As warm, moist air moves over the sea, early in the summer is cold layer of air cools to the dew point and result in fog. The sea fog can can slide towards mainland, towards the beach. Often, then good weather and very busy at the beach as the sea mist suddenly moves up the beach. The fog ruined a beach day, but where the mist arrives on the beach to admire a zeevlam.