Food from the garden ?? cuckoo and sorrel

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Your own garden can accommodate a wealth of vegetables. Who even snooping among all the plants that are in a not too raked garden, can detect different edible species. And we do not mean cauliflower and green beans, but herbs and plants which we have labeled as weeds. The plants eyes all the vegetable that is found in plastic bags at the grocery store or standing in jars and cans on the shelves. If we look further and a little deeper into what is and is not edible, discovered a wealth.

Who survives Netherlands

There are television ?? s made to about overeating from nature. Culinary nomad Rene Pluijm regularly goes with a connoisseur looking in nature. What with me in the garden saw Pluijm in the pasture, and he ate it: sorrel. The television presenter of the program on good food and beautiful culinary traditions grinds regularly unfamiliar vegetables between the molars. He is not afraid and bites all the appetizing way as he immediately commented on. Sorrel he liked, very nice. The program Who survives Netherlands Dutch celebrities go in search of edible from the nature. For example, they Boschplaat of Terschelling and seek their food from nature together. It can, if you know where to look.


Let that sorrel now with me growing in the garden, next to the cow parsley. Sorrel is in a lot of variants and most species are edible. The best known species are spinach, sorrel, field sorrel and sheep sorrel. The plant is recognizable by the long red steal. In pastures and along the ditches you see them plenty and across Europe. My garden is on Ameland and because it grows so well. The plant does not like exhaust fumes and pesticides. Do you not have it in your own garden or you do not have a garden, you can also grow it in a pot on the balcony. You need him to sow once and then you have every year enjoy your sorrel. He comes back because every time. You can continue to reap the entire season.


In sorrel is a lot of vitamin C and iron. It also contains oxalic acid that calcium from the bones; it is related to rhubarb. Therefore you should not consecutive days of food and not too much at once. It really is a vegetable of ?? healthy ?? but in moderation. The oxalic acid is mainly found in young plants. Sorrel is recommended to only use as a seasoning, small bits so.
From the plant, the flowers and the leaves edible. They can be incorporated into a salad and give a fresh taste. In the salad you can then omit the vinegar more. Sorrel is also simmering as spinach and cook with the soup. Sorrel stew is done in a stainless steel pan with a little butter. Do you have a fatty meal, add some sorrel increasing. You will find that its food is better digested.

Forgotten vegetable

Sorrel is an ancient indigenous vegetables and we can classify it in the category of forgotten vegetables ?? ??. In the Middle Ages at sorrel as a prophylactic against the plague. They are then packaged the butter in. In the Netherlands, the vegetable was rediscovered in the war and widely consumed.
Pregnant women must leave the dock because the anthraquinones in the plant have a stimulating effect on the uterus. Generally works sorrel blood purifying, diuretic and laxative.


The cuckoo, the little purple flower where we as children so often throughout the forests of plucked in the meadow, and even the doors long went along to sell them. That Pentecostal flowers are edible. The plant is very rich in vitamin C and the leaves, young buds and the buds are as chopped salad or on a sandwich nothing to sneeze at.

Herb foam

The plant is often seen foam and therefore it is also called herb foam. The foam comes from the schuimcicade, who lives in his own foam. The animal has a weakness for the cuckoo.
For the preparation of soup or salad which we can better avoid foam.

Healing Herb

The healing power of Pentecostal flowers has long been known. It was formerly used as a remedy for scurvy, the disease that after prolonged lack of vitamin C. The flower stalks were used for skin ailments and cramps. The plant has a sharp mustard-like flavor.
The vitamin is mainly in the young leaves. For the soup to be used are the stem tops with flower buds and leaves. They can be in the soup and processed in the salad immediately and bring the spring inside.
I did not know it, but slowly come to realize what a vegetable all there is in my herbicides and rounduploze garden.
This is what I eat from my own garden:
  • nettle
  • daisies
  • East Indian Cherry
  • dandelions
  • cuckoo-flower
  • elder
  • elder "> plantain
  • elder
  • sorrel