Former champion Jan Zwijsen and his dance center

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Every large town has one or more dance schools. Although most are led by highly qualified dance teachers that not all former champions. Why is that the case with Danscentrum Zwijsenstraat that has existed since January 30, 1999. According to many, the best Dutch dance school.

World all-around Jan Zwijsen

Jan Zwijsen owes its fame to the time he was world champion all-round dancer was in the area of ​​the so-called ballroom dancing. Together with his sister Mirjam Zwijsen he took triumphs in years are already behind him for some time but many are not forgotten. The numerous trophies and other shiny souvenir that adorn the upper room of his dance center bear silent witness to many victories.

Fantastic 4

Danscentrum Zwijsen is proud of the lessons offered by the Fantastic 4. The four types of classes include:
  • Children's Dance
  • Hip hop
  • Zumba fitness
  • Ballroom dancing

  • Children's Dance

    Move Jitters
    This course includes a varied curriculum for children aged 2 or 3 years with a parent. For 30 minutes dances are performed and done moving games. The music sounds thereby instance K3 where most kids love it and that inspires them to great creativity led by an enthusiastic teacher.
    During this course, dancing and moving children from 4 to 6 years in different music styles.
    Children from 7 to 11 years to go beyond themselves to an explosion of music, dance and energy.
    Kids Wing
    Likewise for those aged seven to 11 years, this dance form is intended.

    Hip hop

    Different age groups
    Dance Program ?? s on TV are very popular today and a source of inspiration for many. Especially for children and adolescents from 7 to? year there are dance courses that consist of a mix of popping, street dance and hip hop. The children and adolescents are classified before that age.
    Competition Training
    Besides the usual hip hop lessons are also opportunities for race training for children who want to prepare alone or in a group on a regional or national competitions.
    Special hiphop possibility
    A third special hiphop opportunity for children with ADHD or other behavior that is a little off the boat.

    Zumba fitness

    Fitness Shape
    In recent years, zumba become very popular. Zumba fitness is actually a form. The name Zumba comes from Colombian-Spanish and means to move fast and have fun. That is what happens in the form of the zumba fitness and where quite a few calories are burned. That calorie burn is also held by many as an important goal. Zumba fitness is therefore mainly considered as a way to lose weight. The movement form was invented by Colombian dancer and choreographer Perez and is based on dances like axé, cumbia, merengue, salsa and samba. All the movements are carried out on music that is extremely inciting in most cases.
    Fitness gold
    Because it is not for everyone is laid to bring the exertion of the regular classes zumba fitness on a special course zumba fitness gold where for example people with a chronic injury can participate or older. It is also a good stepping stone for beginners to regular zumba classes.

    Ballroom dancing

    To young people aged 12 to 17 years, a number of so-called ballroom dancing taught in a sprightly manner. Among those dancing are two categories. The first is the category of ballroom dancing and the second is Latin-American dances. Until the ballroom dances include the quickstep, waltz, tango, Viennese waltz and slowfox and Latin American dancing the cha cha cha, rumba, jive, samba and paso doble. In the basic course will be taught a total of five dances and the other five dances come from later courses on offer.
    The same system of ballroom dancing to young people applies to adults aged 18? years. The lespedagogiek course, as with all other courses, based on the age of the participants. The mode of teaching experience also the elderly among this age that they can achieve great performance where they have fun with. Danscentrum Zwijsen therefore counts enthusiastic fifties and sixties.

    Danscentrum Zwijsen and competition dancers

    In addition to what are called by Jan club lessons which he has the help of some skilled assistant teacher, he is also busy with teaching and coaching competition dancers who often attend private lessons with him. The dance center is affiliated with several dance organizations, both in the region, nationally and internationally, giving students the opportunity to participate in competitions organized by these organizations.