Forum: features and usage

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On a digital forum allows people with different views to discuss with each other. The word forum is used for the function that had a forum in Roman times: this was the main square where the inhabitants discussed exchanged on various issues and the latest gossip. Today there are thousands of forums where anyone can sign. Most forums today have a specific topic which attracted only certain target groups.

Account or an account?

Today, most forums are open to the public. However, it is often required to create an account. On some forums, it is also possible to post anonymous. When creating an account, the visitor must select a username and create a good password. By means of an activation mail, the user can then start using the account.

Purpose of the forum

The purpose of the forum is actually similar to that of the Forum in Roman times. At a forum studying interested come along that messages from each other and respond. In the beginning there were forums aimed opinion often but now there is a split in several sub-topics. The boundaries are eases causing some forums which previously specialized in one specific feature now also offer other topics.

Managing a forum

A forum is always managed. At a forum there are often several rules that must be adhered to. When a user fails to take the trustees various measures to the standard rules. Some examples are:
  • Member banned for a certain time
  • Delete message
  • Send an official warning

A forum is always managed by one or more persons. The manager is often called the administrator and can adjust various settings of the Forum desired. In addition, there are the moderators, they control the topics violations.

Standard building forum

A forum consists of a main normality and various categories. With larger forums have those categories again subcategories that are separate visit. In these categories topics or topics are created. Here the users can then respond. In addition, there is also the stickies and rules that are often used as notices.

Board Language

  • PM or PB: personal message
  • Thread: forum topic
  • reply: reaction in a forum topic
  • Bump: post content without aiming the topic to give attention
  • Cross Posting: post a question in multiple categories
  • Flame / flaming: berating groups or users
  • Nick, nickname: The user's name
  • Avatar: picture of the user
  • Quote: quote of a statement
  • Sig: Signature, often in the form of a banner
  • Clasp: closed subject, often in connection with an offense
  • Sticky: an important topic with extra attention
  • Proxy: IP address can not be traced
  • Hijack: taking on a subject by repositioning the
  • Twitter: talk without a theme, often useless topics

The best-known software

This fora can be made:
  • phpBB
  • vBulletin
  • Invision Power Board
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • UseBB
  • FluxBB
  • Twitter