Free BlackBerry apps

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In this article, the "free apps", or the "Free apps" discussion of the BlackBerry. They are forty in total: the top ten free apps from the BlackBerry are explained, including Facebook, Amazon Shopping Application, BBNotePad and Bee Tag. The free BlackBerry apps can be downloaded from the website

Free BlackBerry apps

The free apps from the BlackBerry can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World.

Amazon Shopping Application

Shopping is easy with this app. Your order will be using Amazon's done with a click. Also use to receive change orders, personalized recommendations, viewing customer reviews, receives the Gold Box Deal of the Day, and access to your wish list.


BBNotePad offers an alternative. If a text editor, you can use it anytime. The program features three font sizes. You can save it as a .txt file, which you can directly access any computer. You can also send notes and memos via Bluetooth to other handheld devices with it.


This is a 2-D barcode scanner that your BlackBerry camera to scan barcodes on almost everything: brands, advertisements and more. After scanning, the app gives this product barcode, text and URL info.

Beyond 411

This is a quick way to information about a company and directions on your BlackBerry to look up. It also works with your BlackBerry's GPS so you can find out the exact details of the various locations.

BlackBerry Messenger

With this app you can keep in touch with your BlackBerry ?? ?? using friends without being charged for text messages from your cell phone provider. The BlackBerry OS PIN messages can be sent over and over again.

Bolt Browser

If you feel sluggish default BlackBerry browser, Bolt is a faster alternative. This browser loads fast and uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Opera Mini by scroll, zoom and navigate through Web pages.


This Facebook app gives your home screen notifications, such as updates. You can write a message or leave a comment with your facebook friends. You can also have your list of friends and their status updates. You can also use the phone's camera and upload photos directly to Facebook.

GMail Client

In addition to Google Talk, Gmail client is the next most useful and must-have ?? ?? Google app for the BlackBerry. This app gives you almost the same functionality as Gmail by providing access to your contact list and the sent and archived e-mail.

Google Mobile

This application gives you the whole Google experience on your BlackBerry device. It has Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync plus links to mobile optimized website for Google services like Web search, Google Reader, Google Docs and Picasa.

Twitter Berry

How good would a BlackBerry if you could not "tweeting" about how to use the BlackBerry? Fortunately, we have this free app. This allows you to update your Twitter feed, without being charged.

Blackberry Apps Download

The free apps from the BlackBerry can be downloaded from