Freemasonry: who are the Freemasons?

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Freemasonry is for many people surrounded with riddles. What happens when the Masons should remain secret. But is that really so? What do the Masons and why Freemasonry seems so ?? s mystery?

What does the Freemason for?

According to the website of Freemasonry in the Netherlands helps the organization consciously living man to a path of personal growth and development. This is done through the use of symbols, and the subject, and the joint experiencing rituals. In this way the men can put towards oneself, others and what he accepts as a leading force in his life. The Freemasons see themselves as a rough stone to be edited to take his place in society. Society is seen as a structure complete.

Freemasons in movies and books

Many people know the freemasonry of exciting books and movies. For departments often play a bad role. In movies like From Hell where Jack the Ripper being chased and the Da Vinci Code which also happen the most bizarre things, the freemasonry not particularly good from.

Founding in 1717

Freemasonry was founded in 1717 in England. What exactly the essence of it is short of Freemasonry, even the members themselves say. Each member also experiences it in his own way. An important point within the organization is the cry Know thyself. For many members, it is also a way to look at yourself. As members know themselves better, they can also better prepare in society. Freemasonry is characterized by the search never stops. This process is indicated by a symbol which is that of the rough stone which is to be a pure cubic. Being right and being right does not exist within the company. Also there is not an absolute fact as is often the case for believing. The idea is, in any case, all that is relative.

Based Degrees

Freemasonry has three positions for the members. These are:
  • Learner
  • Companion
  • Master

  • How many Masons are in the Netherlands?

    There are about 6,000 Masons in the Netherlands, spread over 144 lodges. Once a week they visit one of the lodges and they participate in a ritual that is usually an initiation. Often there is a lecture on the program. Indicated by the Masons as construction piece. The lectures are of great importance for the Masons. Added to very diverse themes ?? s discussed. They range from morality and social developments to philosophy. Sometimes the members also tell about their own lives. At the lodges is moreover not discussed politics and religion.

    Search for inner floor

    People who join a Masonic lodge often look inward floor. Often, the construction documents the first reason to join. The rituals are often an afterthought for most people first, but that is changing in many cases. Another reason to join you at a Masonic Lodge to connect to other people all over the world. Moreover, there is no international organization of Freemasons. Each country and each lodge is autonomous. However, because the world is the same thought about freedom, relativity and valuable things in life, members often feel quickly at home with other Masons around the world. Belonging to a group of like-minded speaks often.


    Although Freemasonry is centuries old, the organization will be with the times. By using the Internet Freemasonry has become much more accessible. Incidentally, older members have experienced this Masons were persecuted during World War II. They therefore often have difficulty with that openness.

    Open day

    Many lodges today also hold an open day. Interested parties can see what there want to spread the Masons and they can ask questions. Sometimes the guests are even allowed to look at the temples. This is the sanctuary where the rituals are performed.

    Masonic initiation is secret

    How the inauguration takes place a Freemason, is otherwise confidential. On that speak Members therefore not with others. Who wants to hear must therefore themselves take steps at a lodge and register at a company. After registration, following a conversation with a commission of inquiry. Candidate and lodge must match each other. The decisive factors are one's motivation to join and not whether someone has a high social position or money. Abroad, many lodges, incidentally, to the elite and are formed only by academics. In some Dutch university towns, that would also be the case.

    Women and Freemasonry

    Masonic Lodges are generally not fond of women members. Therefore, there are in the Netherlands but also some mixed lodges where both men and women are welcome.

    Cost freemasonry

    Who wants to be a lodge member must pay for it somewhat. So must a pack be bought to wear the Masons during the Open Lodges. In addition, dues must be paid. These amounts vary, but start at 250 euros per year. Freemasons also give to charity and then after each meeting with the begging bowl circulated. For the so-called brother meals should be paid. Also a variable entrance fee.

    The Church and Freemasonry

    Incidentally, even religious people and even pastors join the Order. There are even many members preacher. Often they belong to a liberal denomination or movement. Some churches indicate that they reject Freemasonry. These include;
    • Some orthodox Protestant churches,
    • Baptists,
    • Adventist
    • Jehovah's Witnesses

    Promise: The Three Great Lights

    If someone is believed to student of Freemasonry he puts a promise on the Three Great Lights. These are the Bible, the compass and the square. The Bible is also referred to as The Volume of the Sacred law and is not a guide, but a symbol of universal thoughts that may be in the quest in life to support. Why are parts of the Bible relevant to the symbols and rituals of the Masons. This includes, among other things, the construction of the temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon. Other holy books can be used in the symbolism.