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When developing a project or solving a problem, it is often not easy to keep an overview. It may be good to have to make an outline of key words that relate to the central theme. Arrows indicate the links and colors can help to distinguish between major and minor issues. Who works this way, it makes a 'mind map'. This work can now also on the PC using Freemind.

Mind map

A mind map is a diagram used to words, ideas, tasks or other items to connect to a central key word or idea and organize them around it. It is used to develop ideas, visualize, structure and classifiëren. A mind map can be used as an aid in study, organization, problem solving and making decisions.
The schematic structure of a mind map is not linear, it is fully worked around the main keyword. This way of working fosters brainstorming. Because there is only working with key words, it is easier to maintain an overview.
The elements of a mind map are arranged in a very intuitive way. Often colors and symbols are used to emphasize the importance of particular types of parts to underline. The data can be divided into groups, there is often a whole network of branches.


FreeMind is a freeware computer program that was written in Java. Before it can be used, so do have Java installed on your PC.
The program is used for very different things: a division of labor tracking and filing of favorites, from developing a project to inventory data that should lead to a workpiece.
FreeMind allows you to:
  • At all levels within the scheme can be inserted HTML links, both to Web to local files. It is possible to click on these links and then open them in a separate window.
  • The tree structure of the data can be unfolded to the lowest level, or to maintain an overview, ingklapt again. So one can choose anytime between an overview or detailed elaboration.
  • Navigation is quick and with one click.
  • As with many other programs use CTRL + Z to undo the last edit.
  • In a simple way, pieces of data are copied or moved, the layout of certain so-called "nodes" can be easily copied and it is also possible to select several nodes at once.
  • Cut, copy and paste does not remain confined within the program. One can take text from countries such as Word and Outlook.
  • Mind maps that were drawn in FreeMind can be put as an HTML document on the Web. They thereby remain indefinitely folded and unfolded.
  • There is a search function that displays the found items one by one via the 'find Next' button. Whenever the structure of the found item as necessary unfolded.
  • Nodes do not need to be limited to a key word, but may include multiple lines.
  • A lot of built-in icons, colors and different fonts make it possible to make the structure visually uncluttered.
  • The 'file' mode, the file structure of your computer is shown as a mind map.
  • There is extensive documentation on the Internet, of course, in the form of a mind map.


 When you click on the screenshot, you can see an enlarged preview.
Links Get a list of the most frequently used icons. One click on an icon is enough to add it. The cross can be used at the top to remove the last added icon, in the garbage bin, remove all icons.
The toolbar at the top gives a number of frequently used functions such as cut and paste, adding a new button or icon and the opening and folding of the schedule. Who needs more space on the screen can hide the toolbar using the menu option View - Toolbar on / off.
In addition, the menu at the top of the screen provides additional capabilities such as inserting links. Each function has a hotkey.

Indispensable help

Whoever frequently get an impression of a jumble of information, will soon discover that FreeMind is an essential piece of software that makes the job a whole lot easier.