Freezing oocytes

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It is increasingly common, it is not from the woman who first wants to make a career or have children and no partner, possibly the woman who must undergo chemotherapy. There are numerous reasons why the eggs are frozen. Since 2006, the Japanese scientists succeeded in these large cells, without crystallization and thereby destroying, freezing.

How does it work z ?? n?

You begin with 10 to 15 days of hormone injections to inject, in order to stimulate the egg production firmly. Then her gynecologist so ?? n 10 oocytes from the body. The oocytes are extracted from the body at -197 degrees frozen and safely placed in containers in the hospital. At the time the woman still wants to be pregnant, the egg is thawed and fertilized via IVF with fresh sperm. Thereafter, the fertilized egg back into the body of the woman and to wait and see whether the pregnancy is perfectly triggers and nine months.
The percentage of successful attempts is greater than the woman at the age of those having the remainder of its ova would still be pregnant by IVF. 40% by replacing frozen eggs compared to 30% via regular IVF.
The maximum age for freezing eggs is between 35 and 40 years. The maximum age to replace fertilized eggs is 50 years, at least in the Netherlands.

Is it safe?

There are plenty of doctors who are critical here, but in the Netherlands the AMC here now actively and as ?? safe ?? described. Since the technology is new and the first child is 3 years old, there may be about the child's health hardly something to be said. The AMC has indicated to closely follow the children go.

What are the costs?

Each treatment, where so ?? n 10 eggs are taken away, costs about 3,000 euros. However, treatment is not seen as sufficient and there will therefore multiple treatments are required to have a stash ?? ?? to build. The cost of running this pretty quickly. Except for chemotherapy associated with cancer, this will not be reimbursed by the insurer.

Experience from abroad

There are countries where people have long been active with this technique, obviously Japan but also England and the United States. In the United States, it has also already commercially launched and there are commercial egg banks active. One throws it in commerce especially the twenties who wants to make a career.


Sure deliver new techniques always resistance and so the freezing of oocytes. One of the biggest drawbacks is the experimental nature of the process. In particular, the fact that there is little that is known about the children who are born here, encounters a number of doctors objections. The fact is that in this new techniques is always the case.
Furthermore gives the room that continue to 50 years is not good. 50 years of age should not be longer to have children, of course not. Whether that is so is everyone personally, but the fact is that The Hague hardly dwell on the fact that people on average late seventies early eighties and mostly in good health. Perhaps this vision must also be adjusted once, but as I said it to each personally in order to find something about it.