French Film: Arsène Lupin

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Arsène Lupin, a French film in the action / thriller genre. A movie with a dark edge and often surprising twists. The end is open and also mysterious. With starring actor Romain Duris and actresses Kristin Scott Thomas and Eva Green. The story is set in early nineteenth century and was filmed in the beautiful Normandy and Paris.

Arsène Lupin: the movie

Lupin's family lives in the wealthy family Dreux-Soubise, looking down on the poor branch of the family. Young Arsène is very attached to his niece Clarisse. He creates spice up her boring life, she gives him a little affection. Arsene is very young trained by his father in order to steal. He also will be taught by him in various martial arts. The family Dreux-Soubise is in possession of a beautiful necklace, which is part of the French crown jewels of Marie Antoinette. Young Arsène his father must steal the jewel. Then his father disappears with it into the night, along with a companion. A short time later his father is found murdered. A heavy stone has his face maimed beyond recognition. The mother of Arsène is accused of theft and both should leave the domain.
Arsène has become a young man who spends his days in exquisite company and lives of the often unnoticed robbing his rich prey. He boasts that he never killed anyone and by his charm and gallant behavior one can be mad at him. While Arsène will have a wonderful, coming in the abbey of Jumièges in the French Normandy a number of senior men together. They are in possession of a valuable crucifix. By keeping the crucifix in the fire, the name of a place emerges: Rouen. So it is in Rouen that the next crucifix should be sought. Arsène met Josephine Balsamo, Countess of Casgliostro. They are in love with each other and they also put together the search for the next crucifixes and the party continued jewels. Their search will lead them eventually to Paris.
Who will ultimately prevail: the men of Arsène and Joséphine? Why are these crucifixes and jewels so important? Joséphine really likes of Arsène whether she used him to achieve her goal? What is the connection between one of the senior men, Joséphine and Arsène? And who years later the new toy boy of Joséphine?

Arsène Lupin: the personage

Arsène Lupin is often described as "Le Gentleman cambrioleur" because he prided himself on never murder anyone during his forays and because he effortlessly women revolved around his fingers. He is also a master of disguise and he excels in martial arts. It is a fictional character invented by author Maurice Leblanc in the early 19th century. Maurice Leblanc had cause a lot of success with his books and the character Arsène Lupin entered a life of its own. It was used in comic books, plays, films, operas and serials. In Japan there is even a manga series about the grandson of Arsène Lupin III entitled. Because the authors had not asked permission to Maurice Leblanc for the use of the name arose legal problems. The first set was therefore under the name Rupan III from 1967 to 1972. The second series was called Shin Lupin III and came out from 1977 to 1981. A third series was written by Taka Moriguchi. In other countries, given the range of titles that had nothing to do with Lupin. Several authors have also sought to establish the biography of Arsène Lupin, on the basis of the various books of Maurice Leblanc. They are only partly succeeded because the books were full of intrigues and became increasingly mysterious done about origins and life of the main character. It was all-out effort to erase any tracks so that Arsène incognito his route could sue.


Arsène played by Romain Duris, appearing earlier in Dobermann, L'auberge espagnole and Le Divorce.
Kristin Scott Thomas assumes the role of Josephine on her account. For this film she starred in Mission Impossible and Four Weddings and a Funeral. After this film, she became even more famous for her role in Her name was Sarah. Also in the film Keeping Mum it plays an important role. Eva Green plays the adult Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise.

Technical data

  • Title: Arsène Lupin
  • Date: Autumn 2004, both for France and for Belgium
  • Genre: action - thriller
  • Running time: 126 minutes
  • Budget: 25 million euros
  • Language: French
  • Director: Jean-Paul Salomé
  • Written by: Jean-Paul Salomé, and Laurent Maurice Leblanc Vachaud
  • Music: Debbie Wiseman and Matthieu Chedid
  • DVD: French with optional Dutch subtitles
  • Production: TF1 Films Productions
  • locations: Normandy, the cliffs, various abbeys including the Abbey of Moncel, Etretat, Château de Chantilly, Paris, Louvre

Origin of the film

The film originated from a number of stories from the books of Maurice Leblanc. The two main stories are "La Comtesse de Cagliostro" and "L'Aiguille creuse". An attempt was made to melt the entire life story of Arsène Lupin together in one film.

Own opinion

The film is different from many French films. He is mysterious, exciting and has a dark side. You keep watch fascinated as the scenes together so rapidly and because there are so many twists and turns. But just because the director so much in his film wanted to cram, you sometimes lose the overview. What exactly is the purpose of the film? The quest for the crown jewels? The frustration of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand? The love life of Arsène Lupin? Displaying a part of his life? After the end you stay down on your hunger. Was it that? And what happens next? What is the point? Is everything fixed now or is there a sequel? In short, Arsène Lupin is a thrilling film that has you in its grip from start to finish, well played by great actors but with an open end which disappoints you a bit and leave you with an empty feeling.