From 2015 the partner allowance disappears

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A pensioner whose partner has not yet reached retirement age, had the 2015 law on family allowance. As of January 1, 2015 will be void for new cases. The consequences are great. Until retirement age of the partner creates a large pension gap. The deficit is insurmountable for many Dutch as the age difference amounts to several years. Each partner has a right to 50% of the state pension amount. Where a pensioner has a younger partner who has no right to AOW, there was until 2015 the possibility to get compensation in the form of a partner allowance. The amount of this allowance was dependent on the level of income of the younger partner. The expiry of the partner allowance primarily affects partners whose younger partner has no income. In that case, they should look around to get 50% of the state pension amount plus an additional pension. In 2015, partner allowances no longer be granted. The rights that existed prior to 2015 remain.

How can the partner in charge disappear once?

It seems like a last-minute measure introduced to get the state budget back in order, but the opposite is true. Twenty years ago, has already established that the cost per partner in 2015 would be canceled. Pension funds and insurers in the pension barely paid attention to the measure, but there was plenty of time for that. For Dutch who retire from January 1, 2015, the consequences can be significant. This will particularly apply to retirees with a much younger partner.

How the financial hole can be repaired?

Dutch who know that there is likely to still take measures shortages after retirement. In case you are short of retirement, you can take more measures. Namely the deficit can reach more than seven hundred euros per month. Ie there is only entitled to 50% of the state pension ?? amount for partners. The other 50% will be paid upon retirement of the partner. In the past, too little attention to the problems that can arise from the loss of the partner allowance. Dutch with a younger partner who reach retirement age starting in 2015, often come in for a surprise.

Existing rights should be upheld

Existing rights partner allowance may be canceled. Suppose on December 31, 2014 there was a right to partner allowance. The partner of the pensioner has income, but despite the revenue remains right there on the partner allowance. By an increase in income in 2015 lapsed the rights to the supplement. In 2016, the income drops again or income falls away completely. In that case there is no new law partner allowance, for the old rights have since expired. It is therefore important for partners to ensure that the supplementary allowance does not expire.

The deficit retirement partner should be taken into account

Dutch who have to deal with this deficit, at an early stage are already taking measures eg by reserving funds to bridge this period. An age difference of one year will give all a financial deficit of nearly ?? 7200. An age difference of several years should really be reserved for all during the active period.