Function and use heat hugs

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Heat or microwave Plush toys are toys that you can heat in the microwave oven or microwave. These toys are a nice alternative to the hot water bottle or cherry pip cushion. They are ideal for children but also adults can have enjoyment from it. The Hug offers warmth, relaxation, peace and / or comfort on cold winter days, but they can also offer cooling on hot summer days. A warm hug can also be an ideal and original birth or birthday gift for a child.
  • Function of heat hugs
  • The filling
  • An extensive range of plush toys
  • Usage Tips
  • Safety Tips

Function of heat hugs

The hug will look attractive for the child and will be mistaken as a plush toy but can also receive a dual function, namely a heating function and a cooling function.
In winter, the plush toy can be heated in the microwave and taken to bed. Because of the heat and smell the child will fall quiet and restful sleep. The heat is also ideal with colic or abdominal pain as the heat relaxes. At strained neck and shoulders some models of cuddly toys can also be easily placed around the neck and provide relief from the symptoms. This can be useful in both children and adults.
In summer, the hug will be placed in the freezer after which he will feel fresh and can provide cooling. In the case of bruising hug can also act as a cold compress or ice pack. When the child has a fever, the fresh hug is also a useful tool to make the fever go down if the child holds the toy close to him.

The filling

The filler used is 100% natural. Most stuffings consist of lavender flowers, a spice mix and millet or wheat. Lavender has the ability to have a soothing effect on both body and mind. The batt is not to be cleaned. Due to the properties of the microwaves in the microwave oven, the contents will always remain germ-free and fungus.

An extensive range of plush toys

There are warm hugs from different brands and they are easy to order online. The stuffed animals are available in various designs, shapes and colors. There are also differences in size. There are also warm cuddly toy designed specifically for babies. These stuffed animals have a removable padding so that the toy can be washed easily if needed. They usually consist of soft colors and extra soft materials ideal for babies.
Heat Cuddles with removable padding
These stuffed toys can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° after removing the stuffing.
Cuddly warmth without removable padding
These stuffed toys should not be wet but it should be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. The price of these hugs is lower than those with removable padding.
It is important that the toys are completely dry before they are again heated in the microwave.

Usage Tips

The toy is made of special heat-resistant material and can be up to two minutes, heated in a microwave oven or microwave at 800 watts. Make sure the oven is always clean before you put the toy in it. Food residues or dirt from sticking to cuddle and care for burns. If you do not have a microwave oven, the hug may also be heated on a radiator with central heating or ten minutes maximum in an oven at a temperature of 100 degrees. After warming the hug will issue approximately sixty to ninety minutes of heat. If you take them along in bed under the covers may release them even more heat.
To cool the hug, you can lay them at least three hours in the freezer. It is recommended to stabbing the hug first in a freezer bag to keep them dry.
The present and original smell stays fairly long present but may become less over time or disappear. To get the scent again or to vary, you can hug as recommended to warm up, and then a few drops of essential oil drizzle. Before you heat the hug hug again must be completely dry.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure that the toys are approved according to the European CE standard and EN71 1/2/3/9 standards for toys.
  • Check for holes in the padding or hug before you give it to the child.
  • Place a freshly warmed hug in direct contact with the skin of a baby or child who still can not indicate that the toy is too hot.