Fungal attacked

House & Garden AlexCapownt December 9, 2016 0 86
Mold likes it wherever it is moist and warm. So baths, Insert, in closets, but even in books. Mold is not healthy for people so fighting is of great importance. Below are some ways to tackle different forms of mold.

Mold in the teapot

Some people do not drink as often as tea. Others, but which leave a layer without having to clean the pot. The result is often a moldy liquid tea gives a bad taste and emits an unpleasant air. For this problem is a very easy solution: Put every time a lump of sugar in the teapot. All the moisture that was still in the pot goes to sit namely rut.

Mold between the tiles of the bathroom or in the kitchen

Especially in bathrooms moldy tiles lightly. It's a dirty face, but it is also unhealthy, because who inhale mold you may get affected. The disappearance of the fungus is moreover not so difficult. Make a paste type of scouring powder and some bleach. Cover all joints and cracks along the tiles and thereby leave it to marinate a day. Rub the mixture is then thoroughly with a sponge or a brush. After rinsing with water and dry thoroughly. Fungus thrives like no other moisture. To try to prevent fungus is good to make all the tiles becoming dry. You can use a tractor or a window squeegee. Dep afterwards after with a towel or a mop. It is also important to ventilate well, because there can not mold then just stop.

Mold in closets

Sometimes you may sometimes pulls a piece of clothing from a closet and then you smell so ?? s bad air. That is mold, although you probably would not think. Even the mold comes back by poor ventilation. In order to prevent the cabinet should not be too full and have the ability to breathe fresh air. Moreover especially leather tend to attract mold so put it somewhere where holes are at the bottom of the shelves so it can aerate. Are they not in there then drill a few holes in the bottom. Nobody sees it and it is the preservation of your clothes. Or drawers with some holes in it, so that your precious clothing is not lost.

Mold in books

Books always have a tendency to go moldy, because paper would have to be actually kept at a constant temperature. In a normal home is not and that means the test of time, being mold at a given moment really going to gnaw. Many people love their books and they also do not want to throw away, but she did professionally again to snap cost a fortune. Yet there is something to do with the situation. Sprinkle the pages of cornmeal. Do this while you browse through the book. Thus, in the one hand the flour mail in the other hand the book. Leave the book lying a few hours. Do this so that where the book is bound is open. By so to air dries the book takes the flour and the moisture and the mold on. Brush after every page. In this way, removes mold and flour residues.