Furniture of wood scaffolding - what should you look for?

House & Garden ptai August 7, 2016 0 0
Companies that make furniture out of scrap wood or wood scaffolding currently springing up like mushrooms. Their reuse of wood speak them especially environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. Not only for garden and terrace furniture from wood scaffolding suitable. Also, offices, shops, living rooms and bedrooms are furnished with wood scaffolding. Often this furniture is specially designed for the needs of the client. But where to look for if you want a good carpenter? There are currently many providers of scaffolding wood furniture that you as a customer can not see the forest for the trees. Looking on the internet, you get dozens of websites with furniture makers. How do you choose? First, you have to wonder what exactly you want. For example, you go for quality, exclusivity and a good service? Or do you look especially at the price?


You can find a low price is important, then you can start by filtering region. Also delivery count in the price, so you better take a furniture which is in turn. Then you can look at the prices of furniture. But beware: because these pieces are almost always made to order, it is normal that the prices are not too low. A cabinetmaker who uses low prices, should cut down on the labor he puts into the furniture and always at the expense of quality.


At what points you should pay attention to assess the quality?
  • Already mentioned: the prices are not too low?
  • Are the furniture specially made for outside or just inside? Furniture of wood scaffolding that could hang out, have a lot to suffer from weathering. The wood will greatly expand and contract. This requires a completely different structure than for furniture coming in to stand.
  • How the furniture is finished? They are sanded well? They are painted or stained?
  • How are they put together? They are glued or done anything with screws? And what happens to the ends of the wood? Which remain visible or hidden away by means of miter joints?


Furniture of wood scaffolding are basically made of planks used in construction scaffolding. The shelves are cleaned properly, yet there remains a gray cement veil often visible on the wood caused by the spillage of masons. This gives the furniture of wood scaffolding not cheap, but an exclusive look. Moreover, this makes the furniture of scaffolding wood is an environmentally friendly choice, and which is also clearly visible. Is this important environmental aspect to your concerns, ask yourself wondering whether the actual use scaffolding or other timber used wood processed by your chosen cabinetmaker.