Gabriela Gaastra, who is she?

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Gabriele Gaastra is a name that comes back regularly with gusts in the news. She came anyway forward to news about the drama queens in 2009. That's because he controversial statements about the attack Kars T. In this article you will find information about Gabriele Gaastra.

General information about Gabriela Gaastra

Gabriela Gaastra is an author, she gives workshops, and does so from its perspective as a medium. Mary Magdalene and Jesus give according to her, by her and her husband Reint life lessons. In the book ?? You are God saying Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Mary ?? for example, passed that we, humans, is part of Almighty God. The meetings and workshops also of course be a spiritual light which God is central.

Gabriela Gaastra associated with the Kars T stop on Queen 2009

On April 30, 2009, queen, Kars T committed an attack on the royal family. Thereby wrecked the offender himself and six bystanders. Gabriele Gaastra claims had a revelation on May 2, 2009 to talk about this tragedy. Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Mary would have given her explanation of the attack Kars T on April 30, 2009.
 ?? The current relationship between the royal family and the Dutch people were not anchored in the Earthly trials that arise when you when people are faced with evil. It was not rooted in compassion and in the Christ consciousness of your heart. The event on Queen is therefore of great spiritual significance. It has the character of a collective initiation ritual. All stakeholders, and also took place where the confrontation, showing something of your collective development ?? ... There was a confrontation between a man in the role of perpetrator, who was to perform an evil act, namely the commission of an attack on the Royal Family. The dedicated people who were injured or lost their lives to save the royal family, have a historical perspective, the role of Knights ?? ?? played.??
The revelation comes down to is that Gabriela Gaastra's attack Kars T ervaardt as positive because it served a higher purpose. The victims were the ridderrol, and thus the injury, have chosen. These statements were made via its mailing list.

Gabriela Gaastra and health insurance

You can imagine that Gabriela Gaastra by her revelation about the drama at Queen's in 2009 has been discredited. Later it turned out that her treatments are reimbursed as a spiritual medium by different health insurers, such as CZ, Aegon, Achmea, Menzis and Ohra.
CZ has been known to made to address this issue and perhaps get these treatments in the care package. Menzis contrast ?? finds that the hair does not concern what Gaastra offers ??. Gaastra is indeed recognized by the Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners. The aforementioned insurers reimburse treatments at practices approved by the VNT.
The VNT ?? announces that the board will consider the issue. At the same time, the association that the motivation of Gabriela is good, and that everyone has the freedom to create his own world. ??