Game Summary: FIFA 15

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FIFA 15, most will be familiar or have ever heard of it. The wildly popular soccer game from EA sports that can be played on all consoles, is a sequel to FIFA 14. The series began in 1994, when the first FIFA came out. Since then, EA sports every year has created a new FIFA. The game comes every year around the end of September.

What is FIFA 15, which is different than FIFA 14?

FIFA 15 is a football game with multiple game modes. In the game you play as club, country or player against an opponent, this can be a friend, the computer, or an unknown person online. You can even set how long you want to last a half. FIFA 15 has been through several changes more realistic than its predecessors. Now the players have been flowing hair, the uniform of the players is less clean as the competition continues and there will be printing the shoes of the players in the field. There are many other small things that have improved but that is too much to mention.

The different game modes in FIFA 15

Except a game just football with clubs or countries against a friend or the computer, you can also do other things on FIFA 15:
Kickoff is explaining the easiest out because it actually is the standard game mode. Here you can choose a team from a large number of football and play against the computer or against a friend. The principle of kickoff is just like in real football, you have to try to score the most with the team chosen. Below are all football leagues to choose from.
  • Primera Division de Argentina - Argentina
  • A-League - Australia
  • Jupiler Pro League - Belgium
  • Primera Division - Chile
  • Categoria Primera A - Colombia
  • Superligaen - Denmark
  • Bundesliga - Germany
  • 2nd Bundesliga - Germany
  • Barclays Premier League - England / Wales
  • FL Championship - England / Wales
  • League One - England / Wales
  • League Two - England / Wales
  • Ligue 1 - France
  • Ligue 2 - France
  • Airtricity League - Ireland
  • Serie A - Italy
  • Serie B - Italy
  • Liga MX - Mexico
  • Eredivisie - Netherlands
  • Tippeligaen - Norway
  • A.Bundesliga - Austria
  • Ekstraklasa - Poland
  • Superliga - Portugal
  • Premjer League - Russia
  • Saudi Professional League - Saudi Arabia
  • SPL - Scotland
  • Liga BBVA - Spain
  • Liga Adelante - Spain
  • Super Lig - Turkey
  • Major League Soccer - USA / Canada
  • K-League - South Korea
  • Allsvenskan - Sweden
  • Raiffeisen Super League - Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Ultimate team
This is a very much-played game mode where you play against others online. This could include your friends, if they also play FIFA 15 on the same console, but it can also be strangers. Ultimate team has a very different principle than kickoff. At Ultimate team you have to buy your team together. You start with a couple of players and small start-up capital and you try so the best possible buying team together. You get coins by playing games.
  • The players all have a level. This ranges from 40 to 99.
  • The better the players in real life are, the higher their level of FIFA.
  • The players are divided into the categories bronze, silver, gold.

Career mode
Career mode is divided into two different options, player and manager.
Player option
When the player option you can create your own player, give him his specialties and join a club. Your goal here is to achieve the highest possible level. You can choose any position on the field, from goalkeeper to striker. You become better and gets plus points by playing games and doing the dingente in those games like scoring, dribbling, tackling, etc. The coach of the club where you play determines if you're in the base or not. If you are in the basic state, you control your own players.
Manager option
When the manager option you choose a club that you are the manager. You need to arrange all kinds of money issues. You buy, sell and scout players. Time also passes along, this means that players can therefore be better / worse in the time that you are manager. So you need to have a sensible transfer policy! You can play with your team competitions or you can simulate the matches. You get at the beginning of the season, a goal of the government. If you target, as you will most likely fired by the board.
Smaller game modes
There are also a few smaller game modes:
Skill games
Here you can a player choose to play all kinds of small minigames, such as taking free kicks or dribbling.
A tournament is ideal for when you are with a few friends. You can do a tournament with 4 to 22 teams. You can choose a league or a knockout system.
In the arena you can with one player shooting at goal, perform tricks, or take free kicks. The goalkeeper can choose you also. There are no rest for the players in the fashion arena.
As you may have read, FIFA has many different game modes. So you can vary a lot.