Garden Renovation is often better than renovation

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Garden Renovation is rarely used but is definitely on the rise. Garden centers and landscapers have naturally prefer that you refresh the whole garden, because they earn the most. This is usually immediately created for an entirely new design, which includes a landscaper or landscaping firm also quite can earn. Often cost you heaps of money, although it later turns out that sometimes a portion of the plant is not excited and the garden there are also the first few years looks quite bare.

Garden Renovation is good for the environment

Where there with garden renovation many plant trees and shrubs to be discarded, you can give a nice boost your garden through garden renovation by making the right choices by complementing existing beautiful plants with new ones that fit in the garden and at the existing plants.

At garden renovation just remove the unsightly plants

For example, delete an old, ugly mature hazel and replace it with a young, or put something else down, but leave a beautiful rose stand, or pruning in late fall so far back that these next spring weather can grow well and bloom. Pruning plants can usually keep in shape. Rhododendron can be very good and be cut back very far, so that next spring as a pretty little shrub comes out. She will be a year that deliver fewer flowers, but that's in the next year again quite good. The same applies to many other shrubs, such as the strong ribes, various bushes and the lilac.

Rampant soil planting pull or restrict

Some plants are fixed over time, become too large and from model. Which, however, do not always need to be removed. Take the lavender. It can safely cut back significantly in the late spring and being molded so that they only half the place needs. The next year they will look normal again. Also potentilla, shrub roses and laurel can be very old in that way, but if they are kept. The boxwood is certainly an easy plant. Who he prunes every year twice, just continue to have a nice, compact shrub, in whatever form. It must freeze very hard, wants to die boxwood. You have an evergreen shrub with you in your garden that is not soon to be replaced.

Providing the bottom of the garden

Once you have the old, ugly plants that you no longer want to keep turned off, it is possible to empty positions once well to carve, old roots to remove and care for the soil with compost, peat and possibly some cow manure. Is the soil acidic, then work it with lime underneath. Do you have heavy clay soil, a mixture of sand can sometimes do wonders and provide better moisture distribution.

New plants are also part of garden renovation

Of course you want the garden from the summer weather are quite in order. First look in the garden where and what you want to plant it. Take account of your family. There are small children, check with poisonous plants such as yew, and provide ample space to play. Going on holidays, please perennials that not too much moisture need and also a time you can do without. Do you want lots of flowers, look for plants and shrubs that bloom at different times from spring to autumn, so that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Garden Renovation suits environmentally friendly maintenance

Garden Renovation produces less waste than garden renovation and is therefore good for the environment. Now most of the green waste will be composted, but still can not be used all that. Additionally garden renovation is kinder to your wallet. It costs a lot less money. Especially if you are not tempted to buy all the pots and decorations that do not have much to do with the garden and the plants. Garden centers sell like and make up for that fact every year a new trend.

With garden renovation's early years often little shade

Who makes the garden completely empty and a completely new garden pulls up, a few years has quite barren garden, where little fun to be had is on. That means, for example also on hot summer days no shade of bushes and trees. Your children should then under the sunshade or awning playing not to burn. Additionally bring trees and shrubs cooling in the garden. Not only by their shade, but also because of the evaporation of the moisture in the leaves. That is also the reason why it is always in a forest is cooler than in the open field.

Garden Renovation is also better for birds and other animals

Garden renovation at the birds and other animals are also pleased with the preserved shelters and nestelplekken in your garden and in the protection of larger plants and shrubs from strong winds and rainfall. Fallen leaves of trees and shrubs provides hedgehogs, mice, and other small animals protection from the cold in the autumn and winter. Your garden is a living garden and should thus not starting from scratch.

Another house, existing garden

Did you buy a new home with a long-standing garden, then proceed with caution. Do you have the time, the garden let another year go its own way, so you know where there may daffodils and tulips emerge and where there is any hosta state. Who do you see in the winter does not stand. If you know where all the plants are, you can begin the renovation. Often you can use a few tricks to transform an existing garden into a garden, where you can really feel at home. Before that, however, does not always have to be all removed. Renovate so with deliberation.

Do not try too much weed

Often you get free new species of plants in your garden from seeds that birds excrete. That may plant seeds that many people describe as weeds, such as digitalis and arum, but also seeds of plants and trees that you would see in your garden, such as conifers, yews, violets, and so on. It is sometimes good to let nature take its course and can only be downloaded from the garden, what you do not like to look at.