Gender: the quality of reporting is more important than quantity

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Gender: the quality of reporting is more important than quantity

Researchers asked 32 married couples to increase their frequency of intercourse by two. The results indicate that this increase only decrease the desire and pleasure.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, sex is omnipresent. Then time passes and reporting decreases. But some couples are struggling to keep a steady pace, lest this libido is associated with a malfunction of their relationship. However, according to research by a team from the American university Carnegie Mellon, the quality of sex is much more important than quantity.

In a study published by the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, they explain you assign a certain frequency of sexual intercourse to 64 married couples, aged 35 to 65, for three months. Half the participants were randomly selected to double the number of weekly reports, while the other half could continue at its usual pace.

Each person has answered three different surveys during the study. Conclusion: volunteers have increased the amount of sex were not happier than others, however. The increase in the frequency of sexual relationships has led to a decrease in desire and pleasure.

Working on the environment

"Because of the study, these couples do not lay together for the same reasons, it passed an act voluntarily committed to a forced routine," says George Loewenstein, lead author of this work. From a biological point of view, our instincts lead us to increase the frequency of reporting to release the "happiness hormones".

But according to the results of this study, sexual satisfaction is based more on the quality of sex as these hormones are released without pressure. "Instead of focusing on increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse to keep the same level as the beginning of a relationship, couples should work on a way for their environment arouse desire and even gives them more fun ", advise researchers, quoted by the website Medical Daily.