Generalized anxiety disorder: a disease of our time

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Generalized anxiety disorder: a disease of our time

When an anxiety without cause diffuse and maintains a constant concern ... The generalized anxiety disorder or GAD is painful to live and identify.

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  •  How is manifested generalized anxiety disorder or GAD?
  •  Who is affected by GAD?
  •  How to treat generalized anxiety disorder?

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD is a state of permanent anxiety and excessive. It is the family's anxiety, but rather manifested by continuous discomfort. The tension is both mental and physical, intrusive and impossible to control, even if the individual is aware of the disproportion of his constant concern.

Consider the worst in all circumstances

The generalized anxiety is a prisoner of a system of thought that forced him to assume the worst, whatever also the banality of the decision to make reservations at the restaurant, take the train. He lives in a "negative anxious anticipation." The anxious wait is irrelevant that the clearly distinguishable from other fears rather that relate to oneself. Also referred to as anxiety neurosis.

How is manifested generalized anxiety disorder or GAD?

Different characteristics are found in the TAG:
 1. excessive anxiety and worry for six months on a number of events or daily activities;
 2. difficulty controlling this concern;
 3. occurrence of at least three of the following symptoms:
 - Agitation and feeling keyed up or end;
 - Fatigability;
 - Difficulty in concentration or memory;
 - Irritability;
 - Muscle tension;
 - sleeping troubles .

The TAG can be expressed physically by widespread pain, digestive disorders, and somatization favors.
 Finally, the diagnosis can not be made in the absence of other anxiety disorders and when the pain is significant or eventually affect everyday life.

Who is affected by GAD?

Statistically, generalized anxiety disorder concerns more women and young adults, and quite naturally anxious people. It is also found in children. Indeed, individuals sometimes have difficulty finding the source of their discomfort that is often formed during childhood or adolescence.

Its causes

Although its causes are not yet well known, it is considered that besides the predisposition, the type of education, the presence of anxious parents, episodes of separation or abandonment promote the development of a TAG. Understandable because anxiety related to medical or secondary problem with serious illness can escalate into TAG.

Note the TAG can cause depression, but only in the TAG, there is no sadness or loss of interest or pleasure in activities.

How to treat generalized anxiety disorder?

Cognitive and behavioral therapies, drug therapy taken involving anxiolytic and antidepressant often bring genuine relief.

The relaxation methods are highly recommended to fight against the physical stress and sleep disorders.

Recent studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of specialized spa treatments on the TAG.

The discussion groups bringing together people who share the disorder provide real support and enable the exchange of ideas that foster dynamic behavior.

A support 100%

The TAG is one of the diseases supported 100% by ALD or long-term illnesses.

A "Patient Guide" can be downloaded from the website of the Authority for Health