Get rid of troublesome candidiasis with natural medicine!

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Candidiasis is a disease that, often causes confusion, or rather misunderstanding. It is caused by an increase in the population of candida, a fungus that every person has and remains at normal levels, provided there is no reason to cause a sudden growth. In the most common case, that is vaginal candidiasis, causes irritation in the vagina, itching and discharge with odor, burning, discomfort and pain during intercourse.

Although almost entirely occur in the genital area, candidiasis may occur elsewhere in the body and ANYONE! From children, babies, people without active sex life, in short, anyone can develop candidiasis and this is one of the confusions that people normally do, because they think it is an STD. No, candidiasis is not transferable, let alone sexually transmitted, it occurs specifically in the body of a person who is in favorable situation for its development, with low immunity, which may be due to several other factors also during pregnancy or use of certain birth control, people with diabetes or prone to diabetes, etc. Candidiasis is a result of body acidity, caused mainly by unhealthy diets we currently have and, another important factor in their development: sugar! The level of blood sugar is key to the pace with which this fungus develops and attacks, as it feeds on sugar. But do not think that now that discovered it, you can no longer eat any candy, because the causes of increased sugar levels are also linked to those already mentioned: use of some contraceptives, pregnancy, diabetes or tendency for the disease.

Candidiasis has no specific treatment, but its symptoms can be alleviated. The causes of the increase of the fungus in the body should be evaluated and, where possible, modify the habits required to achieve this increase. Strengthening immunity is always essential, since our defense depends on it!

Here are some natural treatments for thrush

Strengthening the body's defense system through the consumption of some foods and elements that can fight the fungus:

  • GARLIC AND ONION are antibacterial and antifungal natural;
  • ALOE VERA also has antibacterial properties;
  • Caprylic acid;
  • GINSENG, cloves and cinnamon;
  • APPLE this fruit promotes a clean and helps fight fungus;
  • DOWN AND SWEETS these carbs increase levels of blood sugar;
  • SEAWEED are rich in selenium and iodine and block the fungi;
  • PROBIOTICS beneficial bacteria act against fungi and viruses;
  • OILS WITH OMEGA 3 and 6 as the flaxseed and evening primrose;
  • INCREASE THE VITAMINS in the body through the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

To make a sitz bath

Boil 500 ml of water and place a tablespoon of oregano or dianthus steep for a few minutes, until this tea becomes bearable to the touch. Place in a bowl and wash the genital area gently until the tea cools. The ideal is to do every night for a week before going to bed and sleep without underwear. In fact, this practice should be adopted even when you are not in a crisis candidiasis because the fungi like moist, warm places, so during the day, using cotton panties and pants not too tight is recommended. One should also avoid using panty shields, especially those with perfume.

Can be taken, always before bed, a cup of one of these teas, oregano and clove. The way to do is the same, only the quantity is changing. Boil a cup of water and put in one infusion handful of oregano and clove for a few minutes.