Get your home from his winter depression

Miscellaneous PatalacX August 7, 2016 0 1

There extend a few wet, cold and gray months ahead of you until spring comes again. To make matters worse sees you home just boring. How do you attract your house - and therefore you - from the winter blues? The editors of Housing & Co put everything in a row

1. Clean windows, lamps and window treatments clean

Lack of light makes you unhappy. So make sure that scarce daylight get a chance to come into your home, clean the windows and your drapes, shades or blinds to give a wash. And take away home with the lights, because artificial light is better than nothing.

2. Move your furniture

Does your house is bare now? This is the ideal time to check your device again with fresh eyes. Slide agree with your furniture to see if there are any other arrangement is possible. Post your bank, for example a piece off the wall to give your sitting area air. Costs nothing except sweat!

3. Provide color in home

Nothing brightens the interior as soon as a color injection. And the great thing is: you can for little money give your home a completely different look. Paint a wall, buy some colorful cushions and accessories and you're done. No idea what colors to choose? Read our article about the trend colors of 2015.

4. Green, green and more green

Literally and figuratively blow new life into your home with plants. Preferably a little large specimens or a collection of smaller together: it falls nicely. To get in spring mood you put a few games down with bulbs: daffodils, grape hyacinths and bluebells. They are too early sale.

5. Snuggle away

Look, your house can now than have a spring-feeling, but it's still cold outside. So stay nice inside and get a lot of nice throws and rugs in bright shades. Creep under the couch with your feet on a sheepskin. Completely spring, yet cozy.