Giftedness in elementary school children

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Gifted his is 'in'. More and more children and parents have to deal with giftedness; there are special schools for gifted children in school classes and increasing attention is being paid to. But what exactly is being gifted, and what are the consequences for the child?


Giftedness and intelligence are inseparable. Think of the one child who used to be you sitting in class or at school, which was said: 'He can learn as well! Which must be gifted! ". Yet giftedness not only to learn it well, it has mostly to a different way of thinking. This way of thinking may be different from the rest and is often very creative and agile.
To get clear what child is and what child is not gifted can, for example in schools, tests are done. During such a test is initially looked at the IQ of a child. We are also looking at the areas in which a child excels. A gifted child may across the board outperform; but sometimes a child is actually very good at a particular subject such as math, language, music or nature.

Not only positive

Even though it is difficult for some people to believe, gifted are not just a luxury. A whole number of gifted children have difficulty to adapt in a group. Because of their intelligence and reasoning are gifted children sometimes 'only' in a group; there are no other children in which they can measure themselves. Also: have little patience, high demands on themselves and make the other pedantic and have difficulty with collaboration consequences that can bring with it giftedness.
Sometimes it happens that gifted children in a classroom and go home 'underachieving'. There is so little challenge in the work and the tasks they are offered, they are no trouble to want to do. It is therefore important that the very gifted children are offered work that matches their needs. Just get A's and B for gifted children can backfire; they feel that they can see everything and no more a challenge.

Thinking outside the box

Gifted children come into their own when there is thought by the environment 'outside the box'. Endlessly repeat for gifted children is not done, like too much routine. Here are some handles for gifted children at home or to challenge in the classroom:
  • Leave open assignments
  • Let gifted children do what they are good at
  • Encourage social development, including cooperation
  • Let gifted children come with their own ideas

To find out what is important for a gifted child, can you perhaps ask him or her best self. Many gifted children know well to indicate what needs to happen to make more challenging. One thing is certain: gifted children are in an exceptional position. They therefore should be treated in this way.
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