Glass tiles: a new form of renewable energy

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Seems like a green house you something, but you do not want solar panels on your roof? Then SolTech System might be something for you. This Swedish invention in 2014 made his advance and also comes from Sweden to the Netherlands. For the green solution is not required solar panels; you replace your tiles for a new glass version. Glass tiles are the future!

What is SolTech Energy and what are the glass tiles?

The company SolTech Energy was founded in 2006 in Sweden. They are currently the only supplier of glass tiles that generate energy, but it can always be that other companies are also specialized in this form of renewable energy.
The company itself has four principles when it comes to environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions for the home.
  • Economically sound - The solutions of the company are good for your wallet because it costs compared to solar panels or other renewable energy generators less time to recoup the investment.
  • Flexible - any system is designed to easily connect to existing heat sources.
  • Stylish - very few people are crazy about the solar panels or windmills. SolTech Energy's solutions are designed as stylish as possible so your house there rather than hip looks overdone.
  • Durable - each system has a long life and is called very durable.

  • Save money with free solar energy. And it is also good for the environment!
    Sustainable homes
    The company distinguishes four types of houses or rather four degrees of sustainability.
  • The low-energy house - This house uses a lot of renewable energy.
  • Factor 10 House - This house generates enough heat energy for every unit of electricity compared to ten times to use renewable energy.
  • The zero-House - This house generates exactly the amount of energy it needs.
  • The plus-house - this house generates more renewable energy than it consumes.

  • The idea behind the products SolTech is that eventually all the houses plus-houses. Also, the company intends to business premises and government buildings feature the sustainable form of energy.

    What is the SolTech System?

    The SolTech System has four different versions, each with an award-winning concept.
    SolTech Alfa ??
    This is the first variant with the glass tiles that store and transmit heat to where it is needed. The glass tiles will last longer than the average tile.
    SolTech Σigma ?? - Also spelled SolTech Sigma
    The SolTech Sigma is intended for both apartment buildings and individual houses. The concept is simple: you replace your normal tiles for a flexible tile system. This system looks like a glass or plastic roof, so with glass tiles. These special tiles capture all the warmth of the sun. This heat is then stored and used to heat your home.
    No more solar panels on your roof, you instead get a new roof with glass tiles that will last 40 years.
    SolTech Techo Solar ??
    Besides electricity you obviously also need hot water. This is exactly what the SolTech Techo solar system does for you: heat water. As with the SolTech Sigma, the heat stored in the glass tiles.
    SolTech Power ??
    This variant is in fact not an official variant, but a combination of the first three options. Combine this, then you have a complete energy system for your home.

    How SolTech System works with the glass tiles?

    The special material where the tiles consist of woven from technical nylon fiber. These have a light receiving layer. The material is sturdy and built to last for years - mostly for forty years or more. In the form of a glass tile material is placed on your home or building, to the south. The material is completely waterproof. It only allows moisture to vent.
    The heat that stores the SolTech System in the tile is then connected to your heating system or electrical grid.
    The glass tiles can provide all the heat / energy?
    The glass roof also increases warmth in the winter, because it has just a little bit of sun to work. Basically a roof takes annually more heat than a house in terms of energy needs. The glass tiles work best oriented to the south, but the southwest or southeast are also possible locations for the tiles. Snow will however not remain on the special tiles.

    When will SolTech System to the Netherlands?

    On the website of SolTech Energy is a brochure in several languages ​​which suggests that the system will soon be expanded to as many countries in the world. Are you interested in the system, you can retrieve information.
    From 2015 available
    From 2015 you can for a second home or for example a shed order SolTech Flex system from the same creators of the SolTech System. This product is shipped worldwide. A SolTech Flex system is a special solar collector that you attach to a cottage, a window or a door. Be the SolTech Flex also easy to pack again. The system is there for both heating and ventilation. Thus, it improves the air humidity in a house.