Glaucoma cured with diet and medicine plant

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Cataract is something other than glaucoma. A cataract is clouding lens. Glaucoma is an eye condition that occurs when nerve cells die in the eyes. The eye possesses situated approximately one million nerve fibers of which the ends are just behind the retina. By means of transmission of electrical signals through the optic nerve fibers is the image that has received the retina transported to the brains. When the optic nerve is reduced in effectiveness by the reduction of the number of cells, vision deteriorates. According to the state of affairs in the year 2014 in science, it is not possible to optic nerve cells are regenerated.
Glaucoma Treatment


  • Chronic glaucoma
  • Optician discovered glaucoma
  • Field of view Measurement
  • Prevention of blindness
  • Adverse drug
  • Medications for reducing eye pressure
  • Table medicinal plants
  • Food and medicinal plants against glaucoma

Chronic glaucoma

It is common for glaucoma in both eyes simultaneously takes place. One eye may be due to it something worse than the other. This article mainly dealt with the chronic form of glaucoma. There also exists a type of acute glaucoma. In the Netherlands leads approximately 2% of men and women over 40 from glaucoma. Not everyone is aware. That's because glaucoma gradually deteriorated the field. It is of great importance that glaucoma is detected early. If it is discovered too late blindness can result.

Optician discovered glaucoma

Glaucoma is commonly detected by an optician. This occurs in the measurement of the eye for reading only an intraocular pressure measurement. Normally, the pressure in the eye of a human between 10 and 21 mm mercury pressure. In people with glaucoma is question of increased pressure due to reduction of intraocular fluid is in the eye. This has, inter alia, the result that the patient is suffering from dry eyes.

Field of view Measurement

The doctor may do an intraocular pressure measurement. This is usually done on a regular basis so that the course of glaucoma can be measured. Sometimes a doctor will refer the patient to an ophthalmologist. Because the intraocular pressure can vary should be measured in these scattered on the day during the daily routine. The ophthalmologist has an instrument with which he can see if the optic nerve is in healthy state. This is called an ophthalmoscope. First, the patient receives a new medicine to the eye pupil dilates. Next, a visual field measurement done. This is measured has decreased to what extent the patient's eyesight. When a physician experienced in carrying out these studies, he can do it, but he may choose to refer the patient to a glaucoma eye doctor in the hospital.

Prevention of blindness

In regular medicine of the 21st century may face loss associated with glaucoma can not be restored. A treatment is therefore focused exclusively on the prevention of blindness. The patient the rest of his life should regularly consult a visit to the eye doctor. Glaucoma is as mainstream medicine only treatable but not curable.

Adverse drug

The drugs prescribed for glaucoma have various side effects. Sometimes, a drug can be used without some years that there is a side effect emerged. The beta-blockers which the patient is being prescribed may result in eye irritation, dry eyes and hypersensitivity of the cornea. There are also medicines that improve the oogvochtafvoer. These drugs have the side effect of the image that the eye produces darker and that there may be headaches. The medications previously used this drug be pilocarpine and spans the inner eye muscles and it makes for pupillary constriction.
Fennel, good against glaucoma moreover vitreous nothing to do with tears. Increased eye pressure does not hurt, except in an acute glaucoma attack. Furthermore, there is a chronic glaucoma talk of red, irritated eyes.

Medications for reducing eye pressure

Based medicines azetazolamide provide reduced eye pressure. This medicine is given in combination with eye drops. It has the side effect of tiredness, tingling in hands and feet, nausea and changed acidity in the blood.

Table medicinal plants

In herbal medicine and natural medicine one uses food and plants to fight diseases. This often works just as well as synthetic drugs since many synthetic drugs based on the traditional functioning of plants.

Food and medicinal plants against glaucoma

Some of these medicinal plants are edible simply as a vegetable or fruit. If you suffer from glaucoma would fennel, blueberries and goji berries on a more regular basis can eat. you can choose to once-daily in each of these food types. If you want to use the real medicinal plants, it is wise to take a consult with an herbal therapist or naturopath.