GLOW - Light Festival Eindhoven

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The light event GLOW is often guarantees stunning light art. It is organized in Eindhoven and is a major attraction for the public. GLOW Eindhoven makes a real lights. But what is GLOW? How did it start and what are the hours? Answers to these questions are given here.


  • What is GLOW?
  • How GLOW arise?
  • Hours of GLOW

GLOW Eindhoven

What is GLOW?

GLOW is the biggest event in the Netherlands that focuses on light art. It is organized annually in November, particularly in the center of Eindhoven. GLOW lasts eight days and makes the town an open air museum. There you can see all kinds of beautiful light projects. Many of them are interactive and often new experimental. Artists and designers are therefore selected on the basis of diversity. This allows for a qualitative and interesting event.
Every year GLOW get a particular theme. The various lighting projects will therefore have to comply with the relevant theme. This makes the challenge for artists and designers obviously something bigger. Incidentally, the theme for the hundreds of thousands of visitors every year a big surprise. Along a given route, they may be surprised by the light being facades, buildings and public spaces.

How GLOW arise?

Every city to present itself as a qualitative and distinctive way. Similarly, Eindhoven. In 2006 it was looking for events that the city could give a positive boost. This of course had to fit the image of the city. Most people are familiar with the name 'Eindhoven City of Light ". This is mainly thanks to Philips. However, there are still a number of issues that also fit the image, namely:
  • Tech City
  • Design City
  • Creative City

When in 2006 organized the first event as a pilot, proved to be very successful immediately. It gives the artists, designers and architects a great opportunity to express themselves through impressive lighting projects. Many new techniques, regarding lighting and public spaces were removed from the cabinet. This had a very positive effect on the cityscape and the interaction with the audience. A number of these techniques are:
  • Projections
  • Video
  • Computers
  • Sensors
  • Animation

In 2008 it was even light art festival awards. So it won include "Pride Award". GLOW was also named one of the most innovative Dutch events.

Opening of GLOW 2013

Below is an overview of the opening hours for light festival GLOW: