Golf, a sport for everyone!

Sport silveraaron December 9, 2016 0 88
It used to playing golf only reserved for the elite among the population, thankfully these days are long gone. The sport of golf has in recent years become accessible to the general public. There are many new golf courses built, these new jobs are less exclusive than the old classic golf courses of the Netherlands. In addition, prices for a round of golf more affordable. The arrival of more golf courses and the efforts of the Dutch Golf Federation, better known as NGF, have ensured that more people can enjoy this wonderful sport. The NGF has worked to get excited both youth and adults for the sport. More and more people enjoy golf, it is an age-old sport that concentration, technique, condition, perseverance and social gathering combines perfectly!
  • For young and old
  • Technique and concentration
  • Movement, endurance and perseverance
  • Game Fun, competition and social gathering

For young and old

What is more fun than with your father and mother and maybe even your grandparents to be active? With golf this is certainly possible, it is a sport that is practiced even by some until the 80th year of life. The making of a golf swing can generally be sustained long. When walking long distances is difficult to offer a Golf Cart or Trolley outcome. At a young age can already be began playing golf, can be started with a plastic golf set for children. When the motor is developed can be played with real golf clubs. It is important for both young and old to take golf lessons from a professional. You're never too young or too old to learn from a golf pro.

Technique and concentration

Golf is not an easy sport. The golf game good master requires a lot of practice. Beginners find golf was often difficult to assess than in advance. When you are an experienced player with great ease a ball high and straight through the air strike sees it gives the idea "that I should be able to." However, when you state with a golf club in your hands this turns out to be a lot harder than it looks. One explanation for the difficulty of golf can be found in the size of the ball and the golf clubs with which the ball must be beaten. Sports that are technically difficult to be generally played with an attribute. The golf club is a long stick with a small iron down to the little ball must be hit. Because the club away from the ball is taken away before the ball is beaten this makes it become good and right hitting the ball pretty hard.
The golf swing is a technical movement, there is a lot written about and there's been a lot of study into the best way of swinging. The conclusion that can be drawn is that there is not one perfect golf swing, but there are certain fundamental elements that should be in every swing to hit the ball well. In addition to these basic components, it is for each player himself to develop a swing, and as said a lot of practice is required to be a constant and good golfer.
Because the game is technically difficult it requires a high degree of concentration. Unfocused strike will lead to abnormal beats and bad ball contact. A putt from half a meter along the hole can be easily beaten if the player thinks too easy about it. Even golf professionals appearing on television to make these kinds of mistakes when the concentration subsides.

Movement, endurance and perseverance

The average length of an 18-hole golf course between 5000 and 6000 meters. A decent walk so, especially because this is the average length when it is run in a straight line from the tee area to the hole. Because the ball an average player is not always beaten in the right direction, here come some extra gauges on top. Most golf courses are very nicely laid out, there are often elevated tees and the landscape is undulating and hilly. This may be running a 18-hole golf course to make a chore. Besides running the ball should obviously still be beaten, it also takes some energy. It is important to have a good condition so that the golf swing in spite of the running time and again can be carried out properly. While playing the last hole fatigue often causes it to be less of the game level. It is important for the whole round each stroke to give full attention and concentration, a lot of perseverance is important. Not only the physical part, but also mentally perseverance. Missing a short putt or a new afzwaaier can be very frustrating. It is therefore important to get mentally strong for the day to approach the next battle again with courage.

Game Fun, competition and social gathering

As is apparent from that described above is not an easy golf sport. Yet golf played by many, it also has to do partly with this difficulty. This makes hitting a good ball or uitholen a long putt namely just beautiful, it gives a real "kick". In addition, the challenge for the next time to do better. There is always room for improvement, both in the technique of the golf swing as the scores made on the golf course, often will these two go together.
Playing golf offers a wide range of games, this creates a lot of fun. An experienced player can play against a beginner, because strokes can be settled through the handicap system. Many golf clubs organize weekly league matches in which can be taken by the members of the golf club. Are also organized tournaments throughout the Netherlands, with it also can not be members participate. This is also interesting for golfers who are not members of Club Golf Course, the so-called "free golfers. Usually, the only requirement will be that the golfer is in possession of a CFP. This is evidence showing that a golfer has knowledge of the rules and labels, and that he is also the basic skills of the game of golf has to master.
To play 18 holes must be taken into account a period of 3.5 to 4 hours. So there is ample time to communicate with your fellow player. This makes golf a social activity, while you are on the move and play a fun and challenging game. Playing golf is also in the business world often used to maintain contact with both clients and colleagues. Many golf courses offer the opportunity to dine before or after playing a round or to have a drink in the clubhouse. This of course makes the day complete.