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The number of golf stores in the Netherlands is expanding lately out strong. That is not surprising because many people have discovered the sport of golf and there are more and more golf courses come. The game can be played alone or in groups. Golf clubs organize regular events for their members. The purchase of good golf clubs is a prerequisite to be able to play well.

The origin of golf

Golf is a sport that is not just suddenly arise but it has evolved as an evolutionary process that continues to this day. History tells all of a first batch colf that took place in 1297 at castle Kronenburg in Loenen aan de Vecht. They also played from one castle to another court through the castle. In Brussels he issued an ordinance forbidding the playing of colf within the city walls because it would be too dangerous. Haarlem was the first city where one area was given to the decision. The Scots are still of the opinion that the sport originated in Scotland. What is certain is that the Scots at large grassy plains were playing behind the dunes which grew short grass. The shepherds herded sheep and this kept the grass short. The first golfers made himself a hole by stabbing a hole in the ground and put in a jar. A gull plume was the flag.

Interest in golf is growing

Golf has long been considered an elite sport. This is considerably in recent years to change. More and more golf courses and there are currently already 225 000 registered players. Therefore, the Dutch Golf Federation, the number of locations where one can get the handicap certificate greatly expanded.

What is a handicap certificate

The handicap certificate CFP is a degree you must earn after you have followed some lessons with a professional who is called the Pro. If you have taken a few lessons you can get permission to practice on the track. After sufficiently mastered the theory and have obtained sufficient skills obtained from beating the exam. The exam consists of three sections where the control exam is considered the theory. One needs to be aware of the rules and etiquette. If you rule this examination did not pass, you may not participate in the following two components namely the skill and aptitude.

Golf course

The courses consist of nine or 18 holes. A hole consists of a tee, the fairway and the green. The tee is the place from which one strikes the first blow. The ball is placed on a wooden peg and this is called the tee. Then one goes on the fairway and with a few strokes, the ball on the green. The green is the hole there and a flag is placed so that you can see from afar where the ball should end up. From here you turn called the ball in the hole and this is the pits. Left and right of the fairway is the rough where trees, bushes or heather appearance. If your ball that comes in, it is often difficult to find the ball if it is difficult to play. Also, the hole has generally obstacles, this can be a water or a batch bunker. There may be differences in height or a tricky bend.

What does Par

Has previously been determined how many strokes a hole to be played. Par means Profession Average Result. If we assume that a player needs two putts on the green and you have a par four hole, it means that you need to lie in two strokes on the green. A good player for a job under par play and a weaker player can play several strokes over par How many strokes he or she has determined can play over par in your handicap An example is as follows.; if you have a 18 hole course and it has a par of 72 then you as a beginning player eg. do need 24 additional strokes. 24 shall then be put if you are disabled. When you have GVB you start automatically removed with a handicap of 36. The more and the better you play, the lower your handicap will be. Now that's the beauty of golf that people can play with each other that have entirely different qualities. The handicap can still beat a better player. We thereby recognize two plays stroke play and match play. In stroke play you try to walk the path with the least strokes off of your handicap. Match play two players play against each other and whoever has the fewest strokes on a hole wins that hole. During the game it is important to book with golf rules to prove their entitlement. The golf rules laid down in the rules of golf.

What do you need to be able to practice golf

To hit the ball you need golf clubs. Depending on the club you use, you will hit a certain distance. A player must have a total of fourteen golf clubs with him. Some players can play with a driver that lets you directly from the tee to hit very far.

What do you look for when buying golf clubs

We pay particular attention to:
  • the right size
  • flexibility
  • weight
  • material of the stem

Right size
Of special importance is your height but also the length of your arms. You need to make a good swing. Let this good measure.
There are many degrees of flexibility and you have to decide for yourself which flexibility is nice. For seniors and women are special clubs. Furthermore, there is a distinction between regular and stiff.
Weight distribution
Some players like a large club head. It is important that you feel for yourself what weight suits you best.
Material of the stem
The stem can be made of steel, graphite or titanium. A stalk of graphite is lighter but less durable. The steel versions are the heaviest. When all is that you should try many different clubs to see which suit you best. Please make sure that you buy the clubs of the same brand because otherwise you can get while playing with different heaviness and this can be tricky.


On most golf dress code. It is prohibited to wear jeans and T-shirts. Usually they wear a polo shirt. Golf shoes with soft spikes are important to stand steady. In addition, they usually wears a golf glove for a better grip on the golf club.

Where can you report

The golf federation can be helpful when looking for a course in your own environment. You can also find on the site of the golf federation mock exams, tips and much theory. There are also available for your theory test exams that you can practice at home online.