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Google+ is Google launched Social Media platform. With Google+, you can share photos and messages with your ?? ?? ?? circles, keep abreast of certain topics ?? Sparks ?? and your friends meet digitally ?? ?? Hangouts. Google+ should be the main competitor of Facebook be. Is there room for yet another Social Network? Hyves has had its heyday, Facebook is growing steadily in the Netherlands and also the business LinkedIn sees increase its users. However, Google would not be Google if they did not try to surpass Facebook. In the summer of 2011 finds Google+ is still in the testing phase and the network is by invitation only. Some features will only be available later in 2011.

Circles in Google+

Central to Google+ state, as with other big social networking sites like Hyves and Facebook, sharing information with your world. Google+ allows you to get into your network ?? circles ?? divided. Think of separate circuits for ?? family ??, ?? real friends ??, ?? friends ??, ?? colleague ?? s ?? ?? ?? and business contacts. You can go as far as you want herein. You can also add some contacts to multiple groups. Idea behind the circles is that your example, still want to share with your friends to some reports, but preferably not with your colleagues ?? s.

The +1 button

The Google+ +1 button is the equivalent of the ?? I like ?? c.q. ?? like ?? Button of Facebook. A big advantage of Google compared to Facebook: you can search from a Google search directly +1 ?? and ?? ie recommend ?? to your network. Additionally, you will encounter in the short term on numerous websites and the +1 button in many apps, so you can share that information.

Sparks in Google+

A Spark is a sort of RSS feed that you like Google+ user receives continuous informative on a subject to be determined by you, for example ?? running ?? or ?? ?? Justin Timberlake. Of course you can also share information from your spark back to your network, so you ?? spark ?? to leave your friends.

Hangouts on Google+

Hangouts are the digital meeting rooms Google+. Invite one or more contacts from your network, possibly via webcam, share information, hold a video conference or make a private chat. If a hangout once underway, it's easy to invite additional people to join.

Other features of Google+

Google in mid-2011 still working hard to improve and adapt Google+. In the summer of 2011 included the following functionalities already available:
  • Direct photo ?? s share from a mobile device
  • ?? S upload and manage photos via Picasa
  • Chat with your contacts from Gmail, iGoogle, Google Talk and orkut
  • Super fast and easy to use via the Google+ Google+ navigation

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