Grape flour - health benefits and weight loss

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All we hear about the need to consume vegetables and fruit every day, and the amount of five servings of each indicated. The fruit concentrate fiber and vitamins, and several other extremely beneficial substances to our body, and the fruit functional and complete food, capable of preventing many diseases!

There are cases in which the properties, such as vitamins, are concentrated in the skin of fruits and end up being wasted, since most do not consume. For these and other reasons such as the need to include the benefits of fruits in the diet of those who do not like to eat more natural foods, or just do not think practice the habit of stopping, peel and eat a fruit, since life is sometimes long run, the food industry created the flour fruits such as grapes meal!

How it works?

She concentrates all powers Grape fresh and the best, just pick up the pot and remove spoonfuls! Besides flour, grapes can also be found in capsules. Any one way or another, contains all nutrients and benefits of the fruit.

Grape flour is very rich in flavonoids such as anthocyanins and anthocyanidins, particularly resveratrol, which plays an important role against heart disease. With the passage of time and aging arises, of course, a type of inflammation in the blood vessels and arteries and this inflammation is countered by the action of the flavonoids, and also act by improving the blood circulation.

These properties also give the grape flour a valuable power which is an antioxidant, ie, fights free radicals, this makes combat premature aging of cells and the entire organism by preventing occurrence of certain health problems.

Also cholesterol levels are braked with the action of this compound, which, because of all its substances, is also anticancer! There are also ongoing studies, betting that the flour can act against problems in the joints and eyes, but as for these results, we need to wait to be positive!

You can do at home?

Despite being found in various natural food stores, the flour can be prepared at home, without any problem and can be made with other fruits as well, all being gradually used to prevent diarrheas, already containing many fibers.

The usage statement is to be used up to 3 tablespoons daily, fractionated mode. Can be added to milk, cake, vitamins, juices, yogurt and even in savory dishes such as soups and beans, everything depends on the taste and preference of who to use.

See with grape flour can be prepared at home

  • And sanitize the shells and cook over low oven, 30-40 minutes and mix well in a blender.
  • One can do this flour with various fruits, each with its own specific properties and can be used in the form of a mix, the indicated quantity every day.
  • Thus, vitamins and benefits of all are guaranteed to dieting!