Grenoble, the city more accessible to people with disabilities

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Grenoble, the city more accessible to people with disabilities

The Association of paralyzed France gave its annual survey on the accessibility of the cities of France. This year, Nantes was dethroned by Grenoble.

For the first time, became the Grenoble city in France more accessible to people with disabilities, according to the fourth barometer accessibility of paralyzed France Association published Monday, February 11.

With this new ranking, "APF is an improvement of the common accessibility state of France."

Nantes, who held the top spot for three years, was dethroned by Grenoble with an average of 18.4 / 20. Belfort Nantes and share second place with 17.4 average.

Positive assessment, the national average takes an extra point from 12/20 in 2011 to 13.2 in 2012.

Four cities have no average

Low-ranked, four cities have not obtained the mean, it is Chaumont, Moulins, Evreux and Digne-les-Bains. Fifteen cities were not the average last year.

Major cities are lagging behind, in Marseille image recorded 10.7 / 20. Besançon, Valencia and Dijon are also late. Paris achieved a grade of 13.2, it had an average of 13.5 in 2011.

On the positive side, people with disabilities praise the accessibility of some places such as malls, post offices, cinemas or swimming pools.

But some black spots remain. Near shops and medical offices are easily accessible. "France has one of the world's best health systems, but it remains inaccessible to persons with disabilities" denounces the APF.

France is available in 2015

The law on the 2005 disability mandate accessibility to disabled people of all buildings open to the public by 1 January 2015. The APF remains "very mobilized for the purpose of access is respected in France 1 January 2015 ".

She stressed that "accessibility is not divisible or negotiable and it is a national obligation since 1975".

Source: "The barometer of accessibility moves the cities," Association of paralyzed France, February 11, 2013.