Guinea pig: washing, grooming

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Guinea pig: nursing, washing, grooming. The guinea pig is a popular pet, especially with kids this rodent is doing well. Sometimes a guinea pig has more coat care than normal as in long-haired breeds or if the coat has become very dirty.

Types coat in the guinea pig

The guinea pig skin can be divided into three types. First we have the gladharigen or kortharigen. These guinea pigs were originally also in nature. The coat is flat and compact. Another type of brush is the guinea pig. When the brush guinea we find rosettes or back brushes the fur. These can range from one to several rosette. A rosette or brush again has a center, from there the coat running in all directions to create a circle. The rest of the coat is smooth-haired. The third type of coat is the long-haired guinea pig. The hairs are long and depend next to the body. Sometimes come at the long-haired guinea pig for rosettes. This is race-related.


The gladharigen and ruwharigen or brush guinea pigs have relatively little coat care. Most guinea pigs daring himself fine by moulting back and take care of their hair themselves. The long-haired guinea pigs often have more difficulty with this. As soon arise tangles in the hair, especially at the back of the guinea pig.
Guinea pigs with long hair must be at least once a week thoroughly combing. Start with this as the guinea pig is still young so they get used to it. Comb the coat layer by layer in turn starting on the skin. Comb not only the dots. Severe tangles can better clip. Be careful not to accidentally clipped there in the legs. Most guinea pigs let comb good when you put a lettuce leaf and gives them to distraction lap.

Dry wash

Sometimes, the guinea pig is very wet for example diarrhea. The guinea pig may then optionally be washed to remove dry dirt. Dip a cotton ball in the flour and are dusted the dirty portion of the guinea pig with it. Note that it does not reach the eyes, ears or nose. Wait until the flour lumps. The flower has now included all the moisture. Then brush the flour out again, possibly can you do this with your fingers pluck out. Repeat if necessary.

Wet wash

When the guinea pig is very very dirty with mud or diarrhea, guinea crops will be. Also in case of a guinea pig mites sometimes needs to be washed. Consider that a guinea pig very bad against moisture and drafts can therefore was not a guinea pig when after that the cold in winter.
Place a bowl of lukewarm water on the ground, and here was the guinea pig, or make sure that you have firmly guinea enough to wash it in the sink. Take the guinea pig soaked in lukewarm water. Soap then in the guinea pig with shampoo. Use special shampoos for guinea pigs or rodents. Soap only the trunk and limbs, the head should rather not be washed. Long hair on the head can you comb backwards so you can wash them along. Use a small tip shampoo. When the guinea pig is washed, you start rinsing, Use lukewarm water again. Rinse the hair well so there remains no shampoo residue behind. This can cause itching. Do not allow water to flow into the ears or eyes.
The guinea pig should be dried thoroughly. Use a soft cloth for here. Depending on the guinea pig can dry in the sunshine or blow-dried again. On a hot summer day, the guinea pig's okay to dry in the open air. Beware of sunburn, especially on wet skin. The guinea pig should be out of the wind. When it is too cold, the hair guinea pig on a soft state. Allow the hair dryer did not blow too long in one place, this causes burning. Possibly you can also make a drying cabinet with the aid of a heat lamp. The guinea pig may in bad or cold weather pass out again when it is completely dry. Was the guinea pig rather not in the winter. It takes three days for the guinea pig has developed a new fat again. Until that time, the little guinea pig isolation by washing.


Papillote turn you into a guinea pig with a long coat. This is intended to coat too good long grow without being dirty or it breaks down, only show cavies wear papillote, home guinea pigs has little utility. The papillote are made from paper towel or paper bread.