Hair Problems: all the tips, tricks and solutions

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??As long as your hair's nice?? is not just a saying, your hairstyle is more important for your confidence than clothing or makeup. You can put on other clothes and your make-up to do it again. If you find that your hair is not to your liking, then you can make very uncertain. Everyone has a bad hairday. Fortunately, there is still something going on. Read and learn how you can get the best out of your hair. I will discuss the do's and dont ?? ?? s regarding the care of your hair, tips and tricks to give your hair more volume, you can do the best for oily hair, split ends, permed hair and dyeing your hair. Also raised where you can watch when you go to the hairdresser, and what you can do if your stylist too much of your hair is cut off.

Where revamp your hair up?

proper coupe
If the coupe is good, the hair ?? naturally remains ?? as sitting. It saves time and it's much healthier for your hair if you do not do too much with your hair, it will hurt less hair. A good stylist will have to look at the overall picture in order to achieve a good haircut. Its structure, the natural hair fall, the shape of your face are all important to achieve a good haircut.
Of course you can also take an example from a magazine of a haircut what you like. Consult with your stylist or this hairstyle is feasible and listen to his advice. But beware: a picture is patient and your hairstyle will never quite turn out the same as the pictures.
Regular cut of the coupe is also important, nothing is slonziger as a mature coupe. It does not look and styling will also not be easy.
a rinse containing a layer to put your hair
This may for example be a cream rinse. Nowadays you have for every type of hair cream rinse. See what your hair is most suitable. The thinly protects your hair against external influences, hairdryer, sunlight, brush, styling agents etc.
Additionally, you can once a month to do an intensive course in your hair to pamper your hair even more.
good material for your hair
Your hairbrush points should look around. A brush with combined synthetic and natural hair hair is best. Never use metal comb, but a plastic comb.

Where revamp your hair off?

rough with your hair deal
Never comb wet hair out. In wet hair is loosened, the structure and thus the risk of damage is greater. Your hair will look like straw ?? ?? go like this: fluffy and porous. Comb your hair from bottom to top and keep the mid-length by hand. So you avoid going too hard on your hair and pull your hair stretching.
not from dark to light her go
If you want to bleach your hair, pigment should be removed from the hair. Only very healthy and thick hair survived this. Never do this on your own, but leaves this to a hairdresser with lots of experience.
treat your hair too much
Té is never good, nor in this case. If you do too much hair conditioner and cures in your hair, the conditioner adheres to the hair shaft. Your hair is no longer good styling and is no longer beautiful. The solution is to spend some time with neutral shampoo to wash your hair and not to use hair care.
perming and dyeing in one day
Both permanent paint is an attack on your hair, never do it once. It either is inadvisable to do both. You should choose: either paint, or perming, but yes, if you're thin and gray hair, you may still want both. In any case, it will take some time for the color to dye has completely been developed in the structure. If you're just after a permanent dye goes, you run the risk that the color fails completely different than you intended.
If you still want your hair perms and colors, then add one period between.
hair and sun are enemies
Sun wet hair and you're guaranteed to bleach hair. It can be fun to healthy and thick hair, but thin, sensitive and / or damaged hair is a disaster and it seems your hair very quickly that a scarecrow. Display your hair possibly why so much with a hat or towel. You can also special sun protector for smearing her inside. This means the UV rays.

Volume in your hair

With targeted styling techniques and products that give strength and volume, anyone ?? carrot with her ?? create a lot of hair that seems without weighing the hair.
Tips and tricks to make your hair look fuller look out:
  • the hair roots
  • bend your head forward when you're going to blow dry hair
  • use volume products for your hair
  • using too much hair fixative
  • tease your hair at the roots
  • spray hair spray directed at the roots
  • possibly a permanent move if you have fine or thin hair

Greasy hair, or a slakkekop ?? ??

Your hair becomes greasy quickly when the sebaceous glands are hypersensitive to a particular hormone. This is fortunately good cosmetics and hair styling for, so that your hair becomes less oily. Furthermore it is the trick to let your hair less against your scalp to come.
Tips and tricks to let your hair less fat are:
  • daily shampooing with a mild shampoo
  • relaxation treatment for the scalp before washing or a light head massage with refreshing lotion
  • let your hair dry in the air
  • wash your hair only at the roots through a small bottle with nozzle
  • use styling products that prevent the hairline comes to lie against the scalp
  • lightly tease your hair at the roots
  • possibly put a permanent, because your hair dryer

Split ends soon looks unkempt

If the tips of your hair are split, there are small holes formed in the surface of the hair shaft. The moisture is evaporated into the interior of the hair. Proper care can not resolve the split ends, however obscure.
What you can do to get rid of your split ends:
  • let your hair cut regularly, a few millimeters can be enough to Raffels ?? ?? to disappear
  • late with long hair called a cleavage-coupe ?? ?? cut, the barber turns your hair strands and the hair-cuttings retirement projections are only clipped, so there's really nothing on the length
  • recovery making use of the loss of keratin by a special conditioner
  • do not perm or color your hair
  • use with split ends or wax wet look
  • put your hair on


With a perm your hair appear fuller and thicker as you cedes her loose and it saves time and labor when styling. Still, the failure can permanently different than you thought.
Talk clearly with your stylist what you want and whether this is feasible with your hair. Take a photo with you as an example, how you would want to have. If the barber rejects your dream, take the advice to heart and consultation then what is feasible. Is. If it fails, you are further from home.
Treatment permed hair
  • you just permed hair it is best to wash after three days.
  • Do not brush, blow dryer and do not use any styling tongs during the first days after the permanent, so you can repair it better and keep your curls longer.
  • through the permanently changes the structure of your hair, it gets rougher. Therefore, always treat your hair after washing with conditioner and give her an occasional cure.
  • let your hair permed at least bijpunten the 5 to 6 weeks, which appears dingy points.
  • let your curls prefer to air dry.
  • Use moisturizing lotion.
  • if you hurry, you may need to dry your hair with a blow dryer with a diffuser.

A nice color in your hair

We have two types of color, a warm and cold type
?? Hot ?? you must think of spring and autumn type, these colors have an effect with some sunny yellow-golden-orange overtones.
The autumn type has copper and rust colors.
The spring type has golden blond to honey brown.
?? Cold ?? you must think of silver and bluish, these are the summer and winter types.
The summer type has ash blonde hair and silver.
The winter type has the colors blue-black, deep red with violet tinge or blackish hazel.
It is important to find the right color for your skin. Please also refer to the color samples at your face, preferably as close to your eyes; The color should match the natural pigment of your skin. If in doubt, you first try with a foam stain or color is right for your hair. Who were you there because in one once. If the color is good, you can get the next time a cream coloring or color rinse on your hair do.
If you cooked extreme change of color, you better leave this to a professional hairdresser.
Wash your hair with special color shampoo and use a special conditioner for colored hair; so you will have more pleasure from your colored hair. Note that takes your color shampoo and conditioner of the same brand, you will always have identical colors.

Making an appointment at the hairdresser

It often happens that you leave the hairdresser with a great style that you see is not happy afterwards. How can you prevent this?
  • Tell the acquaintance that someone has recommended this hair salon. If you see someone on the street with a nice haircut, talk to this person and tell them you are looking for a hairdresser who is also in your way it should cut, make sure you get the address of the hairdresser
  • Find a salon where you feel at home, where you and your stylist on the same wavelength less than it is in other areas, so your stylist can move better in you and your needs.
  • If you go to the hairdresser, go as you always go out in daily life, so your stylist can better assess what hairstyle suits your clothes and makeup. So do not go in your sports togs unmade to the barber if you're in everyday life yourself always neatly dressed and neatly gears.
  • Take an example of a style with which you seem nice and consultation with your stylist. This is a good starting base for the final result of your visit to the hairdresser. If the barber that haircut you discourage example because you're not there for the volume, or the crowns are not the same, whether your hair is too short, listen to him and then you sense not only consultation whatever is feasible
  • Do not go with the first visit to a hairdresser too extreme, but let the hairdresser also first to get used to you and your hair ?? ?? by a plurality of times to go to it. A hairdresser should also get the chance to get to know the characteristics of your hair.
  • Your hormonal cycle also affects the way your hair falls rather not go to the hairdresser just before, during, or just after your period.
  • Not biting go to the hairdresser for a major event. You have to have had the opportunity to style your own hair, otherwise you run the risk that your hair does not fall as you normally would and it can make you insecure. Your hair should naturally ?? ?? look and not been hairstyles ?? just like you're at the barber ??.

Your hairdresser, your hair cut too short

You thought your hair was in good hands with your hairdresser. Your hair is cut, dried and ???? .. too short to your liking. Great Panic!
Hopefully it is not too short to be able to learn, then you might consider stabbing at you like her. It too short hair is no longer so on.
Meanwhile, there a few things to do to your hair grow faster:
  • brewer's yeast supplements
  • MSM supplements
  • vitamin C supplements
  • special shampoo that your hair grow faster, FAST shampoo and F.A.S.T. conditioner doing very well
  • let your hair cut less often and tell the stylist that you want to grow your hair, the barber knows he really should only cut off the extreme dry dots
  • massage your scalp with lavender oil
  • Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables
  • and of course lots of patience

When you combine all of above, you will in the not too distant future notice that your hair is actually growing much faster.