Handicap: a film reopens the debate on sexual Assistance

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Handicap: a film reopens the debate on sexual Assistance

"The Sessions" comes out tomorrow in French cinemas. Inspired by a true story, a disabled man uses sex coaching sessions.

How to live his sexuality when you are a severely disabled person? This is the question posed by the film The Sessions Wednesday, March 6 comes out on French screens.

A true story

Directed by Ben Lewin, this feature film depicts the true story of a forty severely disabled and deprived of sexuality. He makes contact with a professional who is not a prostitute but a "sex worker". At the first meeting, the married woman of forty years warns that its purpose is therapeutic and that the number of sessions will be strictly limited to six.

A destiny based on the life of Mark O'Brien, a poet and an American journalist. In an article published in 1990, he described in detail this experience with humor and realism. "A sex therapist works on the emotional issues related to the sex of a customer while a sexual surrogate works with his body," he reported.

Should we legalize in France sexual assistants?

The disability organizations hope that this film will relaunch the debate on the legalization of "sex workers". Last February, the Thing association, which campaigns for an emotional and sexual life of people with disabilities, sent an open letter to the president reminding him that he had declared himself ready to open the debate in France .

Sexual caregivers officially exist in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. In France, allow a disabled person to use a sexual aid is forbidden because likened to pimping.

A favorable report was submitted in October 2011 by a UMP. Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Solidarity and Social Cohesion, opposed it. Some feminist organizations, the collective picture Disability, Sexuality, Dignity, declared their opposition to a possible legalization.