Hanging furniture in a sixties look

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The years sixties we recognize the color, many hard and very present colors in clothing and housing. The Sixties you find beautiful or ugly, often there is no middle ground. But if you like the sixties, there is a new kind of sixties. Furniture you can buy now, is far from ideal cleaning an exciting combination of circular shapes, white painted material and an oasis of color.

It depends!

It is striking, partly in contrast to the real sixties, that it is hanging furniture. Closets, kitchens, beds, tables and chairs ... all goes to the dance floor. This makes it extremely ideal to keep clean the floor.
The combination of the hanging furniture with rounded corners in white or gray lacquered material and the real sixties lies ?? in addition to the round corners ?? also in the doors of cabinets, chairs and cushions on the bed in the same oasis of primary colors.

The walls and ceilings

The walls and ceilings are extremely important because you hang your cabinets to the wall and your table, your chairs and your bed suspended from the ceiling. A plaster between wandje or a ceiling with plastic sheets will not always be suitable for this type of furniture. What can be solved in a playful way by securing large sleek lacquered wooden beams from wall to wall. For this, however, special plugs to be used.

The house

The lounge and dining area or the bed
The sitting area with a slightly fluctuating seedy sofa or armchairs loose ceiling is very playful and get used to some people. Yet anyone who has been more similar chairs, we all know the suspended half egg with thick cushions, so enthusiastic, that they no longer want without over time.
A table on the ceiling can be hung tight with cables and weights at the bottom, the table hangs stable. The same applies to the bed which is hung from the ceiling. The advantage is that the height of the furniture itself can be determined, also trading for very long or short fellow.
What makes the whole even more playful include some separate standing chairs in the same style but on a large round base, combined with a hanging couch. But also ordinary dining chairs in the sixties style with a hanging table, a nice combination can be.
The cabinets
The cabinets hang on the wall. They come in small ?? self assemble ?? sets or large models that need to be fixed to the wall as a whole. You can even take it to the kitchen and hanging kitchen cabinets or china.
You can buy the cabinets usually lacquered wood or plastic material. The cabinets can take part with doors, which usually are painted in different bright colors.


The decor is mostly in the same primary sixties colors and depending on the amount of color that you already have in house. Do you have many colored cupboard doors let it stand there and take the accessories in colors that go with it, but not distracting.
The color is restricted, then the sheets can, pillows, vases, flower pots, candles, glasses or even one wall in one or more primary colors afgestyled. Green, red, black and blue do well. For lovers of yellow, there are also fun combinations, for example to make orange.
Take your kitchen well in hand, think of the kitchen help as coffee, citrus press, fruit basket, the pot or tray in a primary color.


An oasis of color combined with sleek lacquered furniture around half is separate, that is something for sure. But for the lover of the sixties, it is almost a must for sure one of these attributes for interior design.