Headache? Here's How to Fight it acts as a natural

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It comes naturally and you can fight with natural means.
The headache is a problem that affects many people and although it is called in different ways, is characterized by a common set of annoying symptoms.


Depending on the manner in which it occurs, we can talk about muscle-tension headache, migraine or cluster headaches.
The first is due to an inflammation of the nerves and is associated with persistent pain and continued.
The second form, however, is determined by poor posture and affects the neck, back. Cluster headaches, however, affects the eyes and part of the skull and is manifested in a spaced.
There is also another form of headache fruit of some infections. And 'the case, for example, meningitis or encephalitis.
To trigger the headache problem, in general, help with stress, menstruation, menopause, poor diet, lack of sleep, cold, poor posture.

Often, the trouble is the indicator of other serious problems, such as hypertension.


The first thing we think about when we have a headache is how I fight?
 There are people who can not stand the headache and resort, immediately, to pharmaceutical remedies, such as aspirin and paracetamol-based painkillers.
This solution is not recommended for those who suffer from a bleeding disorder, asthma, ulcers, or liver damage.


There is a deluge of methods to cure the headache. Among these, stands a particular type of massage that provides a firm, circular, on the affected area from headache, with the use of the thumb and forefinger. If we are suffering from a tension headache, however, it is the case we use a warm compress on the forehead or neck.
From the massage, then, we can pass to the technique of heating and cooling.
Believe it or not, by soaking your feet in warm water will get benefits for the headache.

Not only the heat but also the cold plays a very important role in combating headaches. In fact, it constricts blood vessels and reduces the extent of inflammation.

Alternatively all'impacco cold, we can dip their hands in the icy water by opening and clenching his fists and getting faster, as final effect, the narrowing of blood vessels dilated.
Another practical solution is to tie a bandana, scarf or tie around the front, until a slight pressure.


Caffeine constricts blood vessels and relieves therefore the symptoms related to headache.
This is why some painkillers also contain caffeine. You should know, also, that coffee drinkers are likely to develop headaches when they decide to discontinue consumption.


Relax is always good. Some people can carve out small bursts of time to devote to the care of one's mind and body.
To achieve this, it is important to use essential oils lavender applying them on the forehead and temples; the same effect is given from the oil of peppermint, sandalwood or eucalyptus whose fragrances stimulate and then relax the nerves that caused headaches.

There are those who, finally, has tested the benefits arising from the tea bags on closed eyelids or forehead, for five minutes.


Among natural anti-inflammatories exists ginger that can be enjoyed as herbal tea and rosemary, according to some, reveals excellent properties against headache.

The grandmothers used the black tea with the addition of cloves thus obtaining a powerful analgesic effect.
Tea, in fact, contains the precious caffeine while carnation flowers have anti-inflammatory properties.
In general, drinking plenty of water will help to soften the symptoms of headaches since dehydration is a major cause of the headache.


Here a few small suggestions to prevent headaches if this depended on external causes and not organic.
If at night you tend to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, you may need you to use a mouthguard.

Eating at regular intervals will allow us to avoid the blood sugar drops. A sudden drop in blood sugar, in fact, may expose us to the risk of headache.
At least three days a week for 20-30 minutes are dedicated to physical activity.

SOME FOOD that may trigger HEADACHE

Foods that can trigger headaches are: red wine, milk, chocolate, some types of fish and foods containing additives.
And 'well, then, eat more healthily preferring a diet of fruits, vegetables, bread, rice grains and organic products.