Healthy and delicious meals for the kids at school

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Afternoon give a healthy lunch to the children at school who moreover it is good? It seems a very difficult task for many parents, and yet it is not so difficult. A child is easily satisfied and will unhealthy food not miss it so hard when they have never received it. With that little bit of creativity, it is possible to get your kids to school healthy nutrition, without knowing it or suffer from it.
A delicious fruit salad, possibly with cottage cheese.

Healthy snacks for on the playground

Most snacks are high in unhealthy many bad carbs and should therefore be avoided. Instead, fresh fruit cut into pieces and mixed with cottage cheese, a little bit of sugar should always there. Even in small boxes with carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes are children adore. Both the fruit and the vegetables can be mixed with some nuts or seeds, enjoy!

Tasty sandwiches for lunch

Slices of bread are simple to prepare, and contain some very important if the correct carbohydrate bread is chosen. Do not choose sandwiches or rolls but a plain bread with what cereals.
A sandwich tomaat.Vele children like corn bread because it has a somewhat sweeter taste. When siege serve products that are rich in sugars naturally avoided. That means no jam or Nutella. For those who still want to go for a spreadable paste can choose best peanut butter as there are many proteins. Other toppings are tasty and healthy lean meats, tuna, cheese and egg salad. Since children under five years need more fat to grow these may eat some cheese frequent. The older one gets the more one should try to reduce this. To completely finish the sandwich can be a slice of tomato or cucumber between being stung and healthy sandwich is
Freshly squeezed oranges or milk are the best keuze.helemaal ready!

Fresh and healthy drinks for school

In many soft drinks are a lot of sugars and carbohydrates, it is important to avoid them. Fruit juices are not always the solution because they often contain as much sugar, though there are of course exceptions. Since children need lots of milk fats is certainly not out of the question. Oranges or the like can also be pressed out and to be added to water in order to give it more flavor.
Finally, a very important and comprehensive decision; avoid sugars and vary as much as possible. When a child often must get the same food she ate too tired after a while, that of course is not the intention.