Healthy fast food from our own kitchen

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Fast food is generally not healthy, but what if you are in a hurry and no time to cook? Quick stop by the snack bar, the McDonald's or Burger King?

If you only have time for a quick meal

Everyone knows it, you have those days when you really do not have time to cook. You just got home from work, the children have to go to a school sport or evening, you have a birthday party. Sometimes the Racing to be able to fulfill all the obligations you have. Healthy eating shoot quickly when in there. A ride along the snack bar on the way to the appointment is made soon. But we now know that the fast food from snack bars and fast food is not very healthy. For once not mind, but when you have such a weekly evening with no time to cook, then it is really too fast to process what your body gets. Nowadays there are many more opportunities to get home food delivery, but this is usually confined to high-calorie foods such as snack food, pizza or Chinese. Besides the fact that these meals each one contain too many calories, they are also very expensive, leaving you with a family of four persons soon ?? 30, - have lost for a meal.

Healthy fast food from our own kitchen

In the same time you drive to the fast food restaurant, waiting for the delivery of your ordered food or wait in line at the drive thru, prepare yourself a quick and tasty fast food meal, and which is also healthy. Here are some tips:
  • The evening meal does not always have to be hot. It's okay to once a week to eat a cold meal for dinner, you can get something extra goodies for bread at home, such as a can of fish or you can make a quick omelette for bread.
  • Ready-white pancakes. These can heat up quickly in the microwave. They do not contain much fat and when you invest with sliced ​​banana and a little vanilla ice cream, they are a real treat.
  • A bowl of cereal, a bowl of porridge or a bowl of cereal food we actually always for breakfast. But in a hurry, you can also eat sometime this evening. Especially for the children eat tasty fast. This is very easy when you have a great hurry. A sandwich or hot meal a child eats often less quickly. Moreover, it contains enough healthy foods to once again replace an evening meal.
  • Go for cozy little cold wraps ready. Wraps or soft tacos, you do not necessarily have to be filled with warm meat and vegetables. You can also cold food. A good recipe is to smear the wraps with a layer Philadelfia Chives Light, then in the middle a strip of smoked salmon. On top of some lettuce. The roll wraps and ready. If someone does not like fish, you can replace the salmon with smoked chicken or diced ham. When you're in a great hurry, then you can the wraps tighter roll, cut in half and placed in a lunchbox. Children wraps can then eat in the car.
  • Make a nice fresh salad. Iceberg lettuce with pieces of smoked chicken, cheese cubes, diced apple, thinly sliced ​​cucumber and some Yofresh dressing makes a delicious salad. You can endlessly vary and add nutrients. Vary with canned tuna, shrimp, chicken breast, onion, corn, carrot, tomato. What delicious bread next to it and you have a full meal.
  • Make tasty sandwiches ready. A volkorenbol with carpaccio, pesto and salad is very tasty. Cut this in half a volkorenbol, investing it with two or three slices of carpaccio, spread out this ready-made pesto on. Then cover with mixed lettuce. An Italian roll with smoked salmon and salad is also delicious and easy. First the bread spread with a layer Bressot or Philadelfia Chives are also very tasty.
  • A frankfurter in a bun is quickly done and especially children are often fond of here. Choose beef frankfurters. These contain less fat and are healthier than normal frankfurters.
  • Nowadays there are also healthy ready meals for sale. Albert Heijn sells steam tasty meals. They are quick to prepare in the microwave and have healthy nutritional values. The bake fried rice, noodles, pasta stew are also easily and quickly in the microwave to prepare, but they often contain a lot of fat and salt.
  • If you have a sufficiently large freezer, you can freeze a cooked meal. A bake fried rice or noodles, macaroni, a stew is easy to freeze. If you have a time little time to cook, this is easy and quick to warm up in the microwave or in a pan.

Each week healthy fast food

When you have such haastdag every week because the kids on time on soccer, music lessons or swimming lessons should be, call the above tips you off. This keeps the children also varied and variety in diet is healthier for your body, then any time to eat the same. Would you have several days no time in the week to cook, it's not enough these days to always eat so. It is best then, when you cook to cook double portions. So get on the evenings when you have little time, the extra cooked portion to reheat and eat.