Healthy weight loss: breakfast

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Healthy weight loss. What is a healthy breakfast if you want to lose weight? Keeping a diet is not easy, but it does not have to be too difficult. Losing weight by not going too strict dieting, often generates the best. You love than enough energy to make you feel fit enough to take a walk, and you are not hungry. Healthy weight loss begins with a healthy breakfast. Your body is an engine that is thrown into it is the fuel. A delicious breakfast can be very healthy. Even if you have been sedentary, your body will burn a lot of calories per day. Imagine you're 40 and you weigh 100 kilos. You are 175 cm long and you sit all day at the office. With 100 kilos have serious ascendancy, so you would like to lose weight. With the above data your body burns daily still approximately 1742 kcal. This means that if you're sedentary and data above, would still fall off if you daily around 1600 kcal would eat. Do you eat 100 calories more than 1740 calories you burn, then you'll slowly but surely becoming something more. Imagine going daily 15 minutes of brisk walking, and thus you burn 100 calories, then you fall off a bit more on a diet of 1600 kcal.

Losing weight is difficult?

Losing weight is actually not that difficult. Oddly enough many people make the mistake of going on a diet they eat too little. They are too fat and want as quickly as possible, as many lose kilos. The logical thought is that you achieved this by eating as little as possible. However, this works only very briefly, as you body gets a few days no healthy foods, and all too little, then your engine to speak the 'survival mode' turn. Nature has it well organized. You're built to survive and as slowly as possible to burn your fat reserves, if there is too little food is available. With too strict diet, so you will loose weight more slowly. Healthy weight loss begins with a healthy breakfast, with enough calories to keep the full diet and lose weight.

Healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast gives you energy, it converts your bowels moving, and it contains your healthy food to keep you fit. You have not eaten all night, and even at night burned calories. With a healthy breakfast you start the day well and will do not suffer from hunger. Examples of a healthy breakfast if you want to lose weight:
  • A healthy breakfast should contain between 300 and 400 kcal.
  • It contains healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, dairy, whole grains.
  • It contains dietary fibers that give you a long satiety.
  • It contains no or only little, added sugar.

Choose fresh food, not processed products. The less plant additives are in your food, the better it is. Wholemeal bread from the bakery is in principle always healthier than factory bread from the supermarket. If you choose a breakfast of bread, take whole wheat bread with a fresh bakery, or sourdough bread. Do not choose white bread, not for brown bread and not for dark chocolate color 'brown' bread from the supermarket. White bread is nowadays often unfortunately just brown colored with dyes. Brown bread really feels sturdy, and you have something to chew on. Really brown bread is more nutritious and filling your stomach even more. Buy your bread you prefer in the supermarket? The packaging must be that it is whole grain.

Examples of healthy breakfast cereal

  • Bread: one or two of wholemeal bread with or without a little butter, cheese or meats. For cheese and meat where you can best choose the low-fat types, or not to invest too thick sandwiches. You can also choose a hard-boiled egg with tomato on bread. Decorate your bread generously with slices of cucumber, tomato and lettuce if you like it. A tuna sandwich with half a pepper cut into pieces, can be very nice at times. Want sometime on sweet bread? Opt for low spreads, or for the less sweet varieties sweet toppings such as jam with less sugar, fruits hail or apple.
  • Crispbread: You can also choose crispbread for breakfast. Wholegrain crispbread, you can now get in any supermarket. two pieces of crispbread per breakfast, topped with cheese or a hard-boiled egg with tomato, or with fruit, or cottage cheese combined with cucumber slices and chives. There are many possible variations.
  • Muesli: Wholegrain cereal with no added sugar. One tablespoon of raisins, a mandarin orange cut into wedges, or half an apple cut into pieces. Or half a bowl of strawberries. Supplemented with yogurt or low-fat milk
  • Rye: For a change you can even take rye bread for breakfast. Two slices of rye bread with a little butter and cheese, is, if you love it, very tasty and nutritious. Want something sweet? Opt for some gingerbread with a little butter.

Examples of a healthy breakfast of fruit-based

  • Fruit: Bowl of fresh fruit. Choose four kinds of fruit. For example, choose from: strawberry, melon, tangerine, apple piece of pear, piece of mango, berries, half a banana, and so on. Cut the fruit small and fill with a small dish. You can be a tablespoon of yogurt and granola to do if you find it tasty.
  • Smoothie: You can also opt for a shake or fruit smoothie for breakfast. Place fruit than in a blender, add a little low-fat yogurt to add a half cup Brinta and some freshly squeezed orange juice. Mixes and delicious drink or ladle.
  • Melon: A large piece of watermelon or a piece of honeydew melon, 1/4 part of an ordinary sized yellow melon.
  • Strawberries: Strawberries Bowl crops

Examples of healthy breakfast based on protein

Breakfast you prefer without excess carbohydrates? Choose than once for a breakfast based on meat and vegetables, for example:
  • Small tuna salad one can of tuna, fresh salad of your choice, tomato, half a pepper, feta cheese strip, half a small onion. All small pieces and mix together. Season with a little oil and vinegar to taste, or sign up with two tablespoons of yogurt with garlic
  • Two hard-boiled eggs with a meat tomato and lettuce mixed, plus a little oil and vinegar to taste
  • 100 grams of chicken breast baked with a salad of one cucumber, one tomato and half a banana sliced

There are many variations are possible for a balanced breakfast if you want to lose weight. If you opt for a breakfast of about 300 kcal, make sure you in the afternoon and evening ingest enough calories to lose weight on the one hand, on the other hand not to let your body starve. Do not miss breakfast on and calculate using a pointer to the number of kcal kcal. An keep strict diet is not recommended. This ultimately has almost always the opposite effect of what you want to achieve. Too strict diet leads to slower weight loss and in 99% of cases, sooner or later to catch up, often in the form of binge eating.

General tips for a healthy breakfast

  • Do not use too much salt
  • Do not use too much saturated fat
  • Do not use too much sugar
  • Opt for fresh produce
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