Hearing problems dealing with a hearing aid

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In a modern society where communication between citizens is of great importance, it is for the hearing-impaired not obvious to function optimally. A weak hearing can provide heelwat problems in social interaction and isolating you from the others. Hearing aids can to change this by increasing noise and improve your hearing. Hearing aids have become more and more sophisticated and can be applied to discrete way to the ear. To solve your hearing problem, you can consider buying a hearing aid online.

Hearing loss: implications

Quieter sounds
The first consequence of hearing loss is that all sound becomes quieter, as if the volume control is turned down. A
hard of hearing also will constantly ask his interlocutor to repeat what was said. The hearing impaired will be free to talk louder as a subconscious reaction to urge the conversation partner to talk even louder. A hearing aid may be especially at this level offer a solution because it amplifies the sound.
Distortion sounds
A second effect in hearing loss is the distortion of sounds, so that the details of the spoken words and phrases are unclear. Some hearing do than gamble on what they hear and this can lead to misunderstandings. The context may lend a hand to understand the adage things. Some hearing will naturally look more to the lips of the caller to try to determine the contents of the said words.
Another effect of hearing loss is difficulty hearing can distinguish between background noise and the sounds of a conversation. Because this distinction is so difficult to make, is trying to understand what is actually being said is very strenuous and experienced as very exhausting. This can lead to despondency at the hearing-impaired.

Operation of the ear

The sounds are picked up in the ear by the outer ear and the ear canal. The sound waves produce vibrations of the eardrum, which are then picked up again by the ossicles, and are forwarded to the cochlea. In the cochlea there are hair cells that transmit impulses to the auditory nerve. The auditory nerve passes through all of that information to the brains.

Hearing Aid operation

If any of these components in the hearing process deteriorate, there may be hearing problems. In most cases, the problem is with the hair cells, which are subject to wear or malfunction. The problem is that hair cells can not be repaired and that their function can not be replaced by a hearing aid. What a hearing aid can do is to pick up the sound at the height of the outer ear and the filtering. Thereafter, the sound is amplified and transmitted to the eardrum so that it is more powerful in the hair cells, through which the person can hear better.

Treatment hearing problems

Hearing Implant
There are two ways to fix a hearing problem: the implant and hearing aid. The implant is possible for people with very severe hearing loss. The implant is an implanted electronic device that directly converts sound into electrical impulses. Which passes it on to the auditory nerve. The implant with hearing loss can not give perfect hearing, but may be a vast improvement of hearing.
Hearing aid
The second possibility is the hearing aid. Hearing aids have become smaller and more sophisticated and can be mounted discreetly in the ear. Nowadays, you can in an auditory center via computer to determine what type of hearing aid is most suitable for you. Some contraptions even work with a remote control, allowing you to choose the sound you want to strengthen. Moreover, there is a difference in hearing aids in terms of practical use: some devices can confirm position behind the ear, while other may even be applied in the ear itself. Furthermore, there are hearing aids that can establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth with your mobile phone, your computer or mp3.

Dealing with impaired: tips

Make sure you hard of hearing caller can see your mouth good. Note that there is no glass, cup or cigarette is in the way, so that the hearing impaired can see how you form your words with your lips. This may be helpful to use gestures to help your partner on your way to better understand the words. So you can make it a habit to point out certain things or figures to express your fingers.
It is also recommended to watch your facial expressions, because your tone of voice is often lost. It can help the hearing impaired when you laugh at gay news or seriously look at previously negative news. Avoid background noises such as radio or TV, because that makes it even more difficult for the hearing impaired to understand a conversation. A dark environment makes it more difficult for the hearing impaired to understand the things.
Slow to speak
It's very important to speak slowly and quietly take the time to explain what you're gonna say. Speak loudly or shout is out of the question. It's not because someone hears worse, that his pain threshold is increased. Call so can really be painful for a hearing impaired.

Hearing buy online

Online you have the opportunity to purchase a hearing aid to solve your hearing problems. There are already hearing aids available from thirty euros. Various websites with health articles provide hearing aids, among which include the Beurer Hearing. This hearing is excellent for people with hearing problems because it amplifies all sounds, both indoors and outdoors. The device fits easily behind the ear and enhances the hearing ability of the hearing impaired considerably.