Hearing: should regulate headphones?

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Hearing: should regulate headphones?

Eight in ten have already felt hearing impairment and 59% of them do not heed. Our hearing health is ailing. What can be done?

While the risks to the hearing are well known, however, young adults - from 15 to 45 years - are increasingly exposed to danger audible. First because the helmet has become widespread, and also because our environment is very noisy overall.

"In our leisure, noise is everywhere: motorcycle, music, video games ..." says Jean-Louis Horvilleur, audiologist and expert on his health issues.

Even children from 3 to 5 years are concerned!

Studies that evaluate our exposure to noise are alarming. Thus, children from 3 to 5 years listening to the sound through headphones on average 30 minutes per day with 15 minutes continuously. It's a lot !

"And how be sure that the sound is not too loud or headphones are of good quality? It is imperative that parents are aware of the noise issue, and that a healthy education is in place for children, "says Jean-Louis Horvilleur.

The regulation is not everything

For that is what it is: better than stricter regulations, it is especially good health education is the solution. "The regulation already exists and, for example, players can not normally exceed 100 decibels. "

Ideally, one should not listen to a sound of 100 decibels headset more than 15 minutes a day ... when some young people go up the sound and listen to music non-stop three hours in a row.

Better prevention against hearing disorders

Here are some tips for preventing hearing health suggested by our expert:

  • take regular breaks to allow ears to rest: about 10 minutes every 45 minutes;
  • if cottony ears, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound or pain, go and see if the symptoms have not disappeared after a night's sleep;
  • be well aware that the final hearing damage are often ...

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A week to hear better sound

The week of his will be held from Monday, January 19, 2015. Nearly 3000 hearing healthcare professionals will mobilize throughout France to better inform and track some hearing disorders. All information is available on the Week's website.

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