Help, we go on a school trip!

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For many people, both teachers and parents, these are the icing on the cake: school trips; if you go a day or several days, the fun continues. Yet sometimes the sleepless nights, because what do you do with nostalgia, how do you keep kids sweet 90 for two or more days, what games should we do, what we take .. ??? Here are tips and ideas for topics that you can fit without a care in overnight school trips.

At school, what do we do?

You can first day at school and then complete packages are available to the fun day out, even in combination with visits to several locations are possible. Difficult it is when you go to school longer, then there must be a program that in itself is complete and an organization where everyone, including the parents who come along, have a job.
Here are some points that you can use for every-day school trips:
  • Invent theme, figuring games
  • program put in writing
  • book for children and their parents
  • document design
  • discussion and division of labor
  • shopping
  • set up attributes which must take
  • homesickness
  • collect in the classroom
  • to the bus
  • program in the bus
  • arrival, play, eat
  • introductory drama by teachers and / or parents
  • Start command
  • own time
  • circuit
  • food / play
  • Evening activity
  • campfire / story
  • sleep
  • breakfast
  • morning activity
  • food, pack up and go

  • Theme + games on writing
    It is very important to get together around a table to brainstorm on the topic / theme of the school. Keep in mind many activities as possible, search the internet, in books and your own ideas there and you can already make a plan. Put it in writing clearly so that everyone knows where they stand.
    Booklet for children and parents
    Make a nice booklet includes pictures / photos / drawings that deal with the theme. In the book, the following things must come to be:
    • introductory story
    • names of parents per group go
    • list of stuff to take with you
    • agreed time for a bell-hour
    • numbers of teachers / contacts
    • address of the accommodation
    • ¬†lines, jokes, jokes, riddles, etc.

    Certificate or diploma
    Depending on the theme, it's nice to award a certificate or diploma to the children at the end of the school trip. Create, print and take with them enough already.
    Discussion and division of labor with the parents and teachers who accompany
    Plan an evening or afternoon after school and invite the parents, discuss the program and distribute the tasks. Let parents also come up with ideas and process them possibly still in the book or program. Agree with parents per class if they go by car. When something happens, there is always a class carriage.
    Make a list of supplies, leaving one person does it distract. Do shopping at a wholesale bulk packaging so you can take, take care of good transportation.
    Stuff set up
    Begin stuff already set up a few days before the departure that you need for the different activities. Think of things like crayons, paper, colored paper, glue, scissors, playing equipment such as balls, badminton rackets, skipping ropes etc., cones. The extracted messages can also be already put to that gear so that they can be packed at the same time.
    What to do when homesickness
    Listen, pay attention, distracted, children use, give a taakje remain there until the child is asleep. Logical things that are done automatically. You can also take the nostalgia drops. Is it really does not then there is the ability to call the parents and let get on the child, but this or in extreme cases. Optionally, the other day, the child can be reduced. Make that the coaching team have good agreements.

    The big day arrives

    Packing the attributes and messages
    Before the children enroll in the school parents, bags, sleeping bags etc. it is useful if the things you need and already waiting in the bus or other transportation can be done. Many hands make light work so everyone can help equally.
    Gather in the classroom
    Leave the luggage at the parents who do not go along, just the kids and the counselors come into the classroom. There is something said about agreements on eg. Behavior on the bus, what to do if the property is reached, stayed in which buildings and what is done if other groups are present. Also, there is still something to be agreed with the accompanying parents.
    To bus
    You go through several groups on the road, let them each group go to the bus.
    Outside stands the whole school and the remaining parents to wave. Take children who have difficulty saying goodbye under your care.
    In the program for bus
    Is not really necessary, children enjoy themselves. Just make sure that there are no bags of candy to go through, so that you arrive with a group of sick or worse. Take precaution first bucket of goodies that you share yourself. You can also collect it brought candy and let dole. Care if necessary. for songs, games etc. enough to get through the ride.
    Arrival, play, eat
    Once the location has been reached, the children have to carry their luggage from the bus, see if there's anything behind in the bus remained and seek their place to sleep. It is helpful if they immediately place to sleep and then go exploring. You have them all together yet equally so organized. Let them even let off steam and play. Agree on a time off when a person eats and where. Let the packed lunch packets are consumed.
    Introductory play or the like by teachers and / or parents
    Gather the children in a central location. Play or tell a story n.a.v. the theme. Then give the explanation and distribution for the start command.
    The start command, after which own time
    This command is one that indicates the scope of the theme. Divide the children into groups, eg. The children sleeping in the same room, the children who belong to a certain accompanying mother / father, or simply divide the children into groups of any number, preferably not greater than 6. Each group doing the same activity. See also the table of examples.
    When they finish, they have little time for themselves, they must entertain themselves.
    Agree a time with the groups and their parent for subsequent orders. While playing the kids the adults can already drop the stuff for the circuit.
    Bednek some activities that do not take too long and that can be done by anyone. You can let the children work in small groups, or you can join the children to a larger group, all should keep in mind the consumables. The children are accompanied by parents, and teachers assist the activities. Make sure every can 1x comes to the turn and then close it down .. Do not let it take too long.
    Food and play
    You supper classified as follows: first, each group chores, set the table, clear the table, if necessary. wash and clean up. Because you have three meals you can then divide the group in three out of the lunch of the 1st day.
    There is a possibility that parents are going to cook a pre-conceived menu will be cooked and served. Also, it may be decided that pizza or fries with a croquette be met. For one day it is not so bad, you stay longer, then the other days just to be cooked there. Just make fruit and dessert. Beverage speaks about the day taken by itself.
    After the meal the children have little time for themselves. Will you stay longer than two days, you can meet one-hour bell, so that the children who want to call home. In the program booklet for parents is mentioned when that will be, so that they can take into account.
    Evening Activity
    After playing / own time the children are again a central location collected for the following. It may be a joint walk through the woods or on the beach, it can be Living Stratego, the Dierengeluiden game or whatever you can do with the whole group.
    Campfire Story +
    After the game or walk an adult has made a campfire around which everyone is looking for a spot.
    One prepared to enter person then tells an exciting story and / or can be gezonegen there with or without music. Usually the children already so tired that a lot doze, especially in the hot fire that opportunity is there.
    The children go to the toilet and brushing teeth under supervision, then .... sleep. Say it a time that it should be quiet or whether they should stay in their own sleeping location. Get cozy with all the people of guidance and hope for the best of ................................... ......... will succeed.
    The day starts early and after washing or shower, breakfast is there. It is sometimes possible to buy bread in the village and make it deliver, or parents can pick up the bread with the car.
    Let the children during breakfast already make a packed lunch.
    Morning Activity
    After dinner, the children are again divided into groups and they set off for the exploration or
    sports / games morning. The activities in the latter can consist of relay / running events / sack race etc. In any case, with a sporty character and or related to the theme.
    The quest must be plotted well in advance but with simple means that is also easy to do. Make the assignments not too difficult and let each child are addressed. A prize at the end is advisable. After approx. 2 hours tracking is enough.
    Food, pack up and go.
    Make sure a parent when packing for help and control, leaving nothing behind. After eating the ready-made packed lunch can be started on the return journey and then sits on it .... Make sure the forecast is phoned through to the home so that it can be passed on to the parents who're calling.

    Theme ideas

    The following topics lend themselves well for a successful school:
    • Pirates
    • Witches
    • Shiver
    • Olympics
    • Fairytales
    • Knights
    • Cowboys / cowboys and Indians
    • Space

    Ideas for activities

    Living Stratego, Dierengeluiden Game, baking bread in the campfire, treasure hunt, sports, painting, making dream catchers, flags painting, creating totem poles, visit eg. The Muiderslot etc.