Her red paint with henna

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Would you like to have a different color in your hair, but do not feel that lubricate chemical hair dye in your hair? Then henna may be an option for you. It's good for your hair, perm and gives a nice color. You can do it at home and it's not too expensive. The only downside is that you can only choose one color, red. But just in case that color you seem pretty interesting, henna is a good option.

What is henna?

Henna is a red dye from the henna shrub, a plant from North Africa and India. It has been used for centuries as body decoration. You've probably already seen someone with red painted hands, this is a typical Indian use with henna. Such a henna tattoo fades in a few days, but the henna on your hair remains seated months. Making it a suitable fabric if you want to make her a permanent red.

How do you get henna?

Henna powder you can buy in stores such as the Gardens, but it's also easy to order via the internet. Be careful when buying you buy henna powder which nothing has been added. This can cause irritations or it may mean that it is still chemical paints, combined with henna. Also beware of 'black henna', which gives a darker color than regular henna, but can also cause problems. Once you 'henna' encounter in a color other than red is not henna.

What to look out for when using

It is dangerous to dye your hair with henna, as there is in chemical paint. This can react with it so you deflects hair green. You can also, after using henna, better not use chemical hair dye use more. It is permanent and if you do so you run the risk that your hair green. Furthermore, you should estimate how much henna you need. For medium hair, you need about 50 grams for the first time, to paint all your hair. For long hair, you should think of 100 grams the first time, and someone with short hair does not even 50 grams. However, it is not very too much to buy, since you will still have to go e.g. inherit.

How to use henna?

Before you dye your hair goes, it is important to let go of the red dye out of the henna. You're doing the henna powder you want to use in a container, which may be non-metallic, and you add liquid to make a thick porridge. You can do this with vinegar, the acid thereof, ensures that the dye come off easily, but it is also possible with warm water. Do not be afraid that your hair will smell like vinegar, it can be simply washed off. Make sure the hennapap is liquid, but still quite thick. Keep in mind that it should stay on your head and there should not be dripping down. Let the henna absolutely not come in contact with metal, so do not stir with a metal spoon, then you run the risk of green to get her. When you're done with this you cover the henna with plastic wrap and store it on a nice warm place. The heat makes the dye release. Here you let it stand for half a day. It may be useful Henna 'to the evening and night to leave, do not be afraid that it remains too long, because it will not happen quickly.
Before you paint, it is better to have not just your hair washed and it is also useful if your hair is not wet. It is best if your hair is pretty greasy. As the henna is absorbed better. If you do not want your hands for a few days orange are it is helpful to wear plastic gloves when applying the henna. Make sure you're wearing any clothes that can get dirty, or cover them tightly with a towel or plastic. You do not have to be afraid of henna but it can leave stains. Spread the henna on your hair in the mirror, this is most convenient. A thick layer must be careful that the hair from root to ends are covered. It's okay if the henna is on your scalp, just good, it makes the hair less greasy, helps dandruff and is good for your skin in general. If you have used henna and have divided properly go about it in plastic, so you can not make dirty and so well insulated and warm. Then you can have a towel or hat over your head do for extra warmth. The hotter, the better your hair red. Now let sit for hours, preferably a night and a day, as long as possible.
After dyeing
Rinse your hair well, which can take a while because the henna will be partially dried and fixed can sit in your hair. Do not worry about the henna on your body when you're in the shower. You're so not orange. If your hair is dry, the color can be very violent or do not stand out, but this will bite stretch shower after a few times.

The result

If it's good your pretty red hair now and healthy. Or, if your hair is dark brown or black, you have a red glow in your hair, which is particularly striking in sunlight. In the future you will need eg inherit it. You can always root for example inherit only, but if you do the rest of the hair also catch, that color is even deeper red. So you can then decide how you want to have red hair. Is the first time that your hair become dry from the henna, then you can lubricate the following times for dyeing oil in your hair to protect it. The henna is permanent. Paint not with chemical paint to avoid strange reactions and beware of too much chlorine in your hair. Then the color will stay beautiful for a long time. And everyone will think it's your natural color. Because the color is also awfully course.