Herbs in the Windowsill

Nutrition SIZUNO December 9, 2016 2 7
Who loves good food makes its own herbs growing on the windowsill. There is a large variety of herbs which are eligible. It's tasty, healthy and easy. Instead of inedible Ficus you can put fragrant herbs for the window. Who is cleverly used as his windowsill herb garden. It is clean, bug-free, fresh, easy and delicious.


  • No snails
  • Keep wet
  • Tops
  • Dried
  • Holidays
  • Sense of taste

No snails

Herbs like oregano, chives and basil grow well indoors. If you would find in a garden or on a balcony can grow these plants space. Since you often suffer from snails. Their absence indoors is the advantage of a herb garden on the windowsill.

Keep wet

If you have your spice jars to keep them wet. Celery hangs limp quickly. The herbs are doing very well if you must purchase at the store in a container move with low water. This tray, you do only once every 3 to 4 days to complete, which saves a lot of work. Spices that are held in a separate pot on the sill must water each day. That's because it's warm when the sun shines and the sill often mounted above a heater. Today, the summer nights are so cold that many people in the evening to do the heating.


The best part of the herbs are the tops. If this afknipt has the advantage that the plant's energy goes better stabbing in the other summits. As the plant continues to grow strongly. If you keep the right balance of the capping and grow. Celery one you can remove a peripheral avenue so the rest of the stem grows louder. You can also remove a whole stalk so the chances are that there will be a new shoot.
Parsley, oregano, celery and thyme in windowsill


Fresh herbs have more flavor than dried herbs. You can grbuiken fresh herbs in the store, when frying potatoes or soup. In some supermarkets costs a hefty plant only 1 euro. It is not much more expensive than dried herbs. Indeed, for much taste difference is very cheap. Dried herbs are often bland taste.


Still, it does not hurt if you go camping in some herbs to dry. So take quite a bit of home with some tasty and useful is underway. You can not buy a vacation during the whole spice rack in stores but bring a small jar of salad herbs. Moreover, it is possible that if you can go to countries around the Mediterranean and in contact with residents, they show you the way to culinary herbs that grow in the wild.

Sense of taste

When you take care of the herbs properly, they can hold out very long. You can carry it on; You can buy seeds for herbs, or start your own organic herb garden on the windowsill. Also, remember that some edible flowers such as impatiens can give a delicious sweet flavor to salads and desserts. The window can be completely arranged by plants that are pleasing to both the eye and the taste and the smell.