Here's Why The Anxiety There does err

Health FelixThePyro August 8, 2016 0 0

Investors? News for you: beware that anxiety is a bad counselor and will cause, in most cases, to make bad choices.
So: breathe in, relax and clear your mind of anxious thoughts and distressing.
Says a study conducted by the CFA Institute which analyzed the state of mind of some people struggling with the business world.


The study showed how the brain reacts to stimuli dictated by the anxiety. L 'amygdala registers instantly emotional feelings without filters.
The amygdala, in essence, conveys the emotion to various parts of the body, causing the production of a series of substances which, in their turn, set in motion the body's organs.
One who performs an activity which exposes it constantly stresses emotional record un'iperfunzionalità of this brain.
And 'the case, for example, investors who have to contend with constant choices, market analysis, thoughts pounding and frantic struggle against time.


The study analyzed the functioning and the brain's response to stress of businessmen before anxiety.
Patients have reacted better before phenomena controlled and planned than those who are unable to control. In financial markets, unfortunately, the imponderable is king and this determines instinctive reactions, unconscious and often wrong.

So, how can we avoid serious mistakes?
Since it is impossible to control the operation of the amygdala and decode the emotion without filtering it through awareness, we can put in place a series of measures aimed at limiting the damage.

Download your mind. This is a very useful advice and important, to apply when we feel particularly anxious.
For example, we could go for a run or walk, swim or listen to our favorite music; transcribe the emotions we are experiencing in order to activate the conscious and reflective of the brain and dissolve the instinctive and emotionally active.

Get away from the thinking of others. Often, businessmen make decisions in a short time while they are in close contact with other people. This causes constraints in thinking. Learn, then, to detach from the thoughts of others and try to think for themselves about what is best to do and how to act for the purpose of a good investment.