High blood pressure natural treatment: mistletoe / Q10 / Hawthorn

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High blood pressure natural treatment: mistletoe, Q10, hawthorn. One in ten Dutch people have high blood pressure. Those who have it, usually nothing of note here. Insidious, because high blood pressure in the long term increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not only medication but also by lifestyle changes - exercise, stopping smoking and healthy diet - high blood pressure can be controlled. There are also natural remedies that have proven their effectiveness. Some are discussed in this article, including mistletoe, garlic and hawthorn.

Natural treatment of high blood pressure

  • Introduction
  • Or hawthorn Crataegus
  • Mistletoe
  • Garlic
  • Other additional supplements


The story goes that the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was president during the turbulent crisis and war years, when he had a blood pressure died in 1945 of a stroke of 240/180 mmHg. A value of 120/80 is ideal for adults; The former president had thus twice that! At that time, however, the symptoms of high blood pressure hardly known, let alone that they had an effective treatment for high blood pressure. That's all changed. In an earlier article, we discussed the treatment of hypertension. This was divided into three parts:
  • changing lifestyles, including good nutrition, smoking cessation and exercise;
  • addressing other risk factors such as high cholesterol and reducing stress;
  • medication, where a change or influence of lifestyle and other interventions mentioned is insufficient.

In addition to these interventions, there may be natural resources and products are used to combat high blood pressure that can possibly avoid having to pass on regular medication. We discuss some.

Or hawthorn Crataegus

Crataegus or Hawthorn is a deciduous, hardy, slow-growing, thorny - hence the name hawthorn - shrub or small tree, which blooms in May. Hawthorn is an effective and scientifically proven remedy include high blood pressure, especially under light to moderate cases of high blood pressure is a proven antidote. There are numerous types of hawthorn capsules on the market.
Hawthorn has the following effect:
  • it regulates the heartbeat;
  • it dilates the coronary arteries;
  • it restores the elasticity of the vascular wall;
  • it improves blood flow to the heart muscle.

Also, hawthorn reduces anxiety, and nervousness in that the calming effect on the nervous system is working and it is known that high blood pressure may be potentiated by stress. The herbs mistletoe and garlic enhance the effect of hawthorn. Mistletoe can take to you in the form of mistletoe tea. Garlic can be obtained in the form of capsules.
Salient detail: there were in earlier times scaffold blocks made of hard wood hawthorn. These blocks were sentenced to death decapitated.


A popular name of mistletoe is Mistletoe, known from the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.
Under the Mistletoe, pearly and green
Meet the child lips of the young and the old;
Under the Mistletoe hearts May be seen
Glowing ashes though
They had never been cold.
Eliza Cook
If we dissect the word Mistletoe, it appears the old Germanic word 'mist' 'manure' to mean and the Anglo-Saxon word 'tan' stands for 'twig'. This name has to do with the way in which the plant is spreading. Birds eat the seeds and spread them through their feces. In many nations, including the Germanic peoples, the Mistletoe plays an important role in sacred rituals. This is because it is a striking appearance: it is an evergreen shrub in a bare winter tree. Mistletoe are half parasites. They extract water and minerals to their host, the tree - in particular deciduous trees - where they grow up.
Mistletoe can help treat high blood pressure. You can buy it as a tea at a health food store.


Large-scale studies have shown that garlic has an antihypertensive effect. Garlic may additionally be used in the treatment of high blood pressure. It is to be used in the form of capsules with a garlic extract. You can also daily fresh garlic processing in the food. Not only in Oriental cuisine and Italian cuisine, you can use it, but also in the gravy, you can do two or three cloves of garlic. the positive effect of garlic is mainly into its own when it is cut or crushed first, then at least ten minutes is not touched and only is then heated.

Other additional supplements

Besides garlic, the following additions have proven antihypertensive activity:
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • the amino acid L-Arginine;
  • calcium in combination with magnesium;
  • vitamin C;
  • potassium;
  • essential fatty acids.

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