Hiking in Berchtesgaden Koenigssee

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Königssee in Berchtesgadener Land is surrounded by high mountains, including the Watzmann. The lake was formed by several ice flows and has very clear water. The beauty of this lake has created a national park. As might already be clear, beautiful walks are possible.

Hiking trail Berchtesgaden ?? Konigssee

  • Starting point: Station Berchtesgaden
  • Duration: 1 ?? 1 ¼ hours
  • Possibility for drink / snack: Multiple
  • Level: Pleasant to walk, mostly in the shade. No significant increase

Opposite the station of Berchtesgaden there is a pedestrian footpath to the Königssee. This road runs largely on the Eisenbahnstraβe, who used to Berchtesgaden with the Königssee covenant. In addition, you run mostly situated in the shade of ancient trees in the wild Königsseer Ache with its deep green, clear water. This, however, increases non-descript.
Arriving at the Konigssee you go over the bridge and Klaus will come to the artificial ice toboggan run. The shore road left leads you to the living place from which you can sail with an electric boat across the Königssee to St. Bartholomew and the Upper Lake.
In the former station of Konigssee, still as before has been preserved, is an information of the Berchtesgaden National Park and a restaurant housed. You will learn interesting facts about the Königssee and its geological uniqueness, and also about the flora and fauna of the surrounding mountains.

Konigssee ?? St. Bartholomä

  • The boat trip to St. Bartholomew takes about 30 minutes.
  • Duration: hiking trail to ice chapel and back 2½ ?? 3 hours
  • Possibility for drink / snack: no way
  • Note: Walking requires lake shore in St. Bartholomew is suitable for wheelchair and pram

With an electric boat across the fjord-like Königssee is an unforgettable experience. Halfway there someone blows a trumpet to hear so let the famous echo of the Königssee. Slowly approach the St. Bartholomew peninsula with the gigantic eastern side of the Watzmann in the background. The church with the hunting castle, which today is used as a restaurant, built in the 17th century.
Most visitors are content with a small walk along the lake. However, it pays to take the time to visit the ice chapel at the foot of the mighty Watzmann. This involves an avalanche cone that builds up in the winter and autumn. By running meltwater creates a deep cave. However, this does not enter! There is risk of collapse. There have been deaths.
On the peninsula of St. Bartholomew there is no overnight accommodation, except in the hut on the east side of the Watzmann. However, this is only for the disposal of climbers.

Konigssee ?? Obersee

  • Duration: Salet ?? Obersee: 20 min, Upper Lake west bank ??. Fischunkelalm: 45 min.
  • Possibility for drink / snack: Saletalm and Fischinkelalm
  • Note: Walking with grip soles required

To make the lovely walk from Konigssee to Obersee, it is necessary to sail the boat to the end station Salet. It is possible to make a stopover in St. Bartholomä.
From the jetty in Salet it continues on foot. After a few minutes you pass the Wirtschaft Saletalm. Then it goes a pleasant fifteen minutes to the west bank of the Upper Lake. The difference in height is 10 meters. This little effort is definitely recommended. The Upper Lake, caused by a fall from a cliff that separated the Upper Lake of Konigssee. The clear water, as also at the Konigssee of drinking water quality comes from underground sources and Röthbachwasserfall you can see on the opposite cliff face. There you can also see the Fischunkelalm, where the cattle are brought by boats on the Königssee and Obersee. Those who want to go into Fischunkelalm must for the round trip at least 1½ hour schedule.
The road is well marked!

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