Hinduism, a world religion

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Hinduism is one of the largest religions in the world. In the Netherlands are also many Hindus. What Hindus believe exactly?

What is Hinduism?

Hindo refers to the River Sindu in India. Previously was ?? s ?? as pronounced as a ?? h ?? and as the religion of the name originated. In Hinduism it is very important to seek out the divine in yourself. As a human, you are responsible for the good and bad things that happen to you. These actions have consequences for the rest of your life, this is called karma. The goal of a Hindu is to strive to moksha. The whole life of a Hindu state this in the character. All Hindus experience Hinduism again just in a different way and every Hindu knows what is expected of him. This is because the stories about the lifestyle and all the gods were written a long time ago. These stories call Hindu mythologies.

Arise Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest religion that exists, it is not known exactly when Hinduism emerged. It is well known that Hinduism originated from various local beliefs in the Indus river. Hinduism has the trade very quickly spread through Asia. Hinduism is not defined by a prophet in books. This makes it very difficult to define what Hinduism is all about. There are fortunately mythologies about all kinds of gods that the people of India once believed in. The Vedas ?? s are the best known mythologies for Hindus.

What Hindus believe exactly?

Hinduism has about 330 million followers, and every Hindu Hinduism is experiencing in its own way. Actually, Hinduism is just a way of life. Hindus believe that when someone dies, that the person then is reborn in another body. How they lived determines the quality of the next life, they can also, for example come back as an animal. If they have lived well they come back in a higher caste.

Hindu celebrations

  • With the Holi festival Hindus celebrate the coming of spring. It is the most colorful festival that exists. At this festival Hindus throw colored powder and water on each other.
  • The Diwali festival is celebrated in late October or early november. This festival is the festival of light. All Hindus stabbing with the Diwali festival of small oil lamps.

Main Gods

  • Shiva is the destroyer and the creator. This god can make things but also destroy. Shiva is so popular because he always has inner peace.
  • Vishnu is the protector of all. The god has four arms, with the arms he holds a baton, a lotus flower, a discus and a conch fixed.
  • Brahma created the universe, he is the god of wisdom. Brahma has four faces, with each face, he looks a different wind direction. This, he indicates that he reigns over all directions. Brahma is the god of all. Brahma, like Vishnu four arms, in these hands he holds a rosary, a jug of water and the holy book fixed.

Hindus in Netherlands

In India, most Hindus, there are approximately 900 million Hindus. But there are also many Hindus in Suriname and in some countries in Europe such as the Netherlands and England. In recent years, the group of Hindus in the Netherlands increased considerably. This increase is due to the large group of Surinamese who came to the Netherlands when Suriname became independent. There are also native Dutch people who have joined Hinduism. In the Netherlands there are currently about 20,000 Muslims.