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The Bible is the main source for the history of the Jewish people. In Part I, I discussed the history of the Patriarchs, Joseph and Moses. In this article, the entry into Canaan is discussed. It is a brief overview. The piece will be linked to other articles that focus more on the matter.


Passover was instituted on the eve of the exodus from Egypt. The party has since been celebrated every year in memory of the liberation of the death and deliverance from Egypt. After the exodus the people wandered for forty years in the wilderness. They carried the tabernacle with them. All places where they have been in the wilderness for their years of wandering, are mentioned in Numbers. In Numbers you can read how the Jewish people in Canaan draw.

Kadesh Barnea

The Conquest campaign begins from Kadesh Barnea. Were first sent 12 spies who were reporting on the strength of the cities and the fertility of the land. Only two spies, Joshua and Caleb were positive. The Jewish People wailed and was punished by God with 40 years of wandering in the desert. In the next article highlighting the scouts. Click here. Finally, Israel went to attack, but she lost. A subsequent attempt by Edom was rejected by the Edomites. Then came the fight with the Amorites which they won. The tribes Re'oeven, Gad and Manasseh settled in the area. The rest of Israel came into Canaan. They conquered under the leadership of Joshua, the cities of Jericho and Ai. Then there were also several cities in South Canaan seized with Divine help. North Canaan then was defeated by Divine help. The land was divided among the twelve tribes. They formed a tribal confederation united by faith in the One Only God. But many times Israel fell under the pressure of hostile neighbors in the idolatry of the Canaanite peoples. For more information about the conquest of Canaan, click here.


The first three hundred years after Joshua's death, Israel was ruled by Judges. You had two types:
  • The Adjusters who fought against the enemy:
  • Othniel
  • Ehud
  • Shamgar
  • Deborah and Barak
  • Gideon
  • Jephthah
  • Simson
  • The Adjusters who ruled the country:
  • Tola and Jair
  • Ibzan
  • Elon
  • Abdon
  • Abimelech